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Asia Health


The orientation of the health of travelers not to qualification of physicians and medical centers in razreklamirovannnye. Rising health care costs in China due to intermediary firms, Spin-high fees for their services. The subjective reason, perhaps, the only one. But it plays a critical role in the treatment process and largely determine its success. That reason – human spirit to heal, trust your doctor and Chinese medicine in general, positive attitude and inner blagodanost for any, even a small improvement in health.

Someone otmahnetsya of this assertion, as waving his entire life on the appeals to be kinder, more attentive to the world and goodwill to people. But, as my experience suggests, very much neglected in the spiritual people rarely turn to unconventional methods of treatment, preferring to swallow pills and go under the surgeon's knife in accordance with the usual stereotypes. But those who come treatment in China (as well as in other South-East Asia) are often unaware of their own role in achieving the main goal – gaining health. They fully rely on the doctors, believing that their case – Time to come to the procedures and pay for services. Chinese is difficult to explain to such patients that the effectiveness of treatment suffers from samootstraneniya and disappear completely when the patient behaves aggressively, tend to look at the doctors catch and greed. A vicious circle: the patient does not want to see positive changes, does not believe that the treatment is good, looking (and, of course, is) a variety of grievances.

Art And Pregnant Women


Pregnancy imposes several restrictions on women. Women in the position is not recommended to dye your hair, because in the paint are very harmful chemicals. These substances can harm not only hair woman and the child. Why pregnant women is not advisable to paint? Pregnancy for women takes place quickly, especially if it is a joyful event is planned and anticipated eagerly. Like any other, woman in a position that wants to be beautiful and in this very difficult period of his life.

A woman is always and in any position is a woman. It is quite natural that during pregnancy a woman wants to look attractive. However, it is the time for the expectant mother there are so many taboos. The prohibitions apply not only to food, exercise, daily routine, manicure, makeup, hairstyles and hair coloring. There is quite logical question, why not hair color? This is a baseless warnings or actual scientifically proven recommendations? Let’s answer these difficult questions.

The taboo on hair painting for pregnant women with terms of hairdressers: no secret that the pregnancy of a woman accompanied by a significant change in the woman’s body, in particular, dramatically changing the hormonal composition. With the change in hormonal levels in most cases occur and change the structure of women’s hair. During this period, the hair is unruly and brittle. Hair Colouring and perming them can not give the previous result, which was to pregnancy. This manipulation of hair can significantly hurt them and thus cause a bad mood, and often depression and a future mother. Point of view of science: Women who have had surgery to remove malignant neoplasm of the neck, chest or head, these tumors are often “seen” paint pigments. Do not make hasty conclusions, but the fact remains and this should also be considered. It should be wonder whether the desire to change hair color such problems? Official medicine and its view on this situation: Modern hair dyes have excellent durability, which is achieved using chemical substances. During the dyeing of hair (which, incidentally, lasts a long time, four – five hours), contact with these chemicals all the woman’s body, because hair does not painted themselves, and paint gets on the skin cover their heads, and therefore in the whole organism. Effect of chemicals on the body paint baby in the womb, no one has ever explored, and what side effects they can “reward” the baby is unknown. Is it worth a couple of bright strands, the health of your baby? The answer is obvious.

The Acidity


In the morning on an empty stomach to drink a good 3 / 4 cup of fresh potato juice. Then you have to lie quietly for 30 minutes. And after an hour for breakfast. The course of treatment – 10 days, then the same break. If necessary, spend the few courses of such treatment. Gastritis with low acidity for half an hour before a meal should be squeezed out of the newly plucked leaves of aloe 1 hour LA Juice and drink. In chronic gastritis with low acidity make good use of the juice of crushed leaves of young cabbage. Drink it in the form of heat for half a cup 2-3 times a day for 1 hour before meal for 2-3 weeks.

Cabbage juice can be stored in the refrigerator more than 2 days. To reduce the acidity of the stomach medicine men used successfully carrot juice. Take on an empty stomach one hour before eating a half a cup a day. The course of treatment – 10 days. Protivogastritnaya exercises These exercises are more appropriate those with gastritis with high acidity.

They improve the digestive system and affect metabolism. Exercises should be combined with a strict diet. Do exercises every morning to normalize the functioning of gastrointestinal trakta.Stoya on the floor, leave your right foot back, lift your hands up – breath, dropping down – exhaling. Repeat with the left foot. Leaned to the right and left, keeping his hands on his belt. Your arms in hand, turn the body Right 90 degrees, return to its original position, turn 90 degrees to the left …