Additionally installed: After treatment in an LTS (Long-term abstinence from al-Cogolin) in Gaisa VI remission, but in June 2006, he again began upot reblyat-alcoholic beverages. For more specific information, check out Professor Roy Taylor. 06/22/2006, 09/12/2006 Gais VI detained by police in an intoxicated state. According to facts of the case were sent to the decision in court (information function of the Moscow district of Minsk police department from 14.05.2007g. and a court of Moscow district of Minsk-ray). According to the letter U, "the Republican Clinical psychiatric Hospital 01-06/2508 of 11.04.2007 ambulance Gais VI 04.01.2007 was taken to the State, "the Republican Clinical Psychiatric hospitals-ca" with the diagnosis: "The state of alcohol withdrawal with diliriem.

Syndrome alcohol dependence medium stage. " The next day, 05.01.2007, in spite of warning doctors about the possible consequences of his premature discharge, Gais VI from the far-Sheha refused treatment by writing a statement and was released home. In periods of from 26/12/2006 to 01/17/2007 Gais VI was in a leave (Order 374 of 18.12.2007), a medical certificate to the above case to the accounting department did not take. Neither he nor his family was not informed of the factory administration of recurrence of diseases, for consider the possibility of continuing his work at the factory for pro-profession "electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment." During the period of 16/02/2006 to 12/03/2007 according to the log of incoming Corresponding Denz MZTMK any information about illegal activities Gaisa have been reported. Similar accidents in the organization was not. Previously issued by the idea of 03/28/2007, the technical inspector Min-sky City Committee of the Belarusian trade union of workers in construction and of industry of building materials made within the specified time and in full.