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Free Photo Book By Pixum Webinars


Customers may need help with creating a photo book on webinars, participate where they receive support and helpful tips. Cologne, December 2010 – the photo service providers Pixum offers its customers webinars to photo books, which will assist the customer in the creation of photo books. The Pixum webinars are available on the homepage (pixum.de) of the Fotodienestleisters under the respective product category. “Our Webinars to help our customers create individual photo products such as photo books, photo calendars and photo gifts. The photo book of tutorials we have designed that everyone of all ages so rightly found, and can easily create a calendar.” Explained wife toe, online marketing Pixum. The photo book of webinars by Pixum represent an extension of customer support. Read more from Matthew Halsall to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Pixum is trying in this way to support its customers in the creation and design of the individual photo books.

The webinars are offered on a regular basis on the home page of the photo specialist. To participate in one of the Tutorials requires a simple registration. The tutor explained the functions of the online tools in individual steps and setting out the questions of the participants. The Webinarplattform is constructed so that questions and issues can be discussed in closer. The moderator arrives on all issues and problems of the participants and tried all open issues. Furthermore, all new elements, design templates and extensions of the online program are demonstrated and explained. Pixum helps its customers with such offers to protect them from further stress shortly before Christmas.

The customer should be without problems and easily able to create your photo book in just a few steps. “Our Webinars are a great success and very well accepted by our customers. The first three dates were fully booked. We could fix many unresolved issues and problems that our customers had for the webinars. Positive customer feedback shows us that we are on the right track.”says Mr Kalkan, online marketing Pixum. The Pixum online seminars help the customers dealing with the Pixum photo book software. The detailed software offers many options that allows the customers of the photo to create a personalized photo book. The software to be installed on their home PC also offers the advantage that the data can be saved and reused, so that one several days can work depending on the request. Registration for the webinar and learn more about the photo books of online service, see. Pixum (www.pixum.de) description of the company belongs to the leading providers of online photo services in Germany and Europe.

PORTICA Informed


Congress for E-commerce in the 18th and 19th January 2011 in Bonn Kempen / Bonn – when Europe’s leading Congress on E-commerce in the 18th and 19th January 2011 in Bonn opens its doors, then first the PORTICA GmbH marketing support with the game be. The Kale process management and fulfillment specialist presents at the online trade Congress in the Kameha Grand Hotel at booth 23 complete solutions in the field of E-commerce. We clearly show what benefits have entrepreneurs in E-Commerce for rent. You immediately go into a professional Internet commerce without necessary investment costs and can take an experienced service provider on hand”, explains PORTICA CEO Markus Ramirez. With his portfolio, PORTICA deepens the topics of the trade Congress. Because, the event provides a platform for the entire field of online trading through their combination of exhibition and lectures”ready and is regarded as meeting place for decision-makers from shipping and online trading. The shipping and distance trade is booming at all Channels. To know more about this subject visit Heart Specialist. At the same time, the requirements for the marketing and logistics are becoming increasingly complex and provide entrepreneurs with diverse and complex challenges. There has never been so many ways to find customers and to bind. This is achieved with knowledge about the most important structures and trends sustainable. Benefit precisely of these customers in the context of E-Commerce for rent “. Jonathan Friedland describes an additional similar source. As an experienced service provider supports PORTICA companies from the fields of stationary trade, shipping and mail order brands in E-commerce activities dealing with and takes over many of the daily tasks. Therefore, also fashion manufacturers belong to the customer. PORTICA’s services start at the Web-shop. Here, the service provider makes available a modern and certified platform with access to social and mobile commerce. A modern usability, intelligent search functions and monitoring tools provide successful E-commerce. A variety of interfaces are of course, as well as variations in the Representation of product.

Pirmasenser Photo Festival


“City Pirmasens is already for the third time of photo art from various subject areas on publicly accessible places of urban everyday life Pfalz wide unique cultural event face of the photo days offers exhibitions, workshops and model contest citizens and guests for sixteen days” Pirmasens, November 24, 2010. Dean Ornish M.D has many thoughts on the issue. Cover up”: the Pirmasenser photo days go from 10 to 26 June 2011 in the third round. With 1,200 images of over 70 photographers, whose Werke on about 30 venues to see bears photo art from the various topics in the daily life of citizens and guests of the city appealing Pfalz unique cultural and leisure event of its kind. Perhaps check out Darcy Stacom for more information. In addition to the distributed exhibitions a continuously open exhibition in the Rheinberger – building complex offers a selection of pictures of each participating artist and therefore an overview of photo days; Here, the central point with Info for visitors is also installed. The program also includes 20 workshops and again also a model contest. The Motto of the award-winning competition whose winner publicly will vote, is the face of photo days this time.” As of February 2011, photos can be submitted for this purpose.

The event team to the artistic director of the photo days Harald Kroher expected to last after the successful events of the year 2009 with approximately 10,000 visitors and City Marketing Director Rolf Schlicher again numerous visitors from Rhineland-Palatinate, the Saarland, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse, as well as from the French border environment. The preliminary schedule foresees a launch event on June 10 in the Rheinberger Atrium, a solemnity in the citizens Festival Hall to put on June 26 the final point. Before, during, and after the photo days the Web site at for more information. With the Pirmasenser photo days we give the opportunity to participate in passing on a so lively and popular art form like the photography all interested parties.

Schneider Writing Instruments


To the 75th best of company Schneider writing instruments GmbH who doesn’t laser show? The famous Highlighter and the numerous other professional products, which are available in several colors, from Schneider writing instruments GmbH. From the year 1947, the family business, in addition to the manufacture of fasteners and screw machine parts, also on the production of writing mines specialized in. Today the company is one of the global players of the writing instrument manufacturers and exports around 200 articles in more than 100 countries. Schneider pen is one of the few companies, even in this day and age the made in Germany”true philosophy and produce exclusively in Germany. Each fiscal year, which ended successfully, is gratifying for entrepreneurs.

But a company already has 75 years of success, is that reason enough, an impressive anniversary extensively to celebrate. If daily life is so already very colorful, the anniversary must are celebrated of course only quite colorful and bright. And who even on the made in Germany”quality counts and puts value, want to not miss this in as a major celebration. So, laser show exciting the program of anniversary celebration in the halls of Danube from Donaueschingen in addition to a live band and excellent dance pad, also offered productions. Responsible, the company was Ofterdingen LPS laser systems in cooperation with its partners by dts event technology. To stage the laser show best, five high end laser systems were used, in addition to some accessories, such as about four wind machines, as well as four foggers.

These are used to make visible the laser beams to the human eye. With the laser systems from the House of LPS, which have a total capacity of a total of 58 Watts, an individual, exciting laser graphics was presented as the highlight of the evening. Figuratively, this graphic show included Schneider pen’s core business. Charming items, such as the Jubilee symbol and slogans of the Schneider writing instruments GmbH, the have been programmed to do this individually and professionally, together in coherent and caused great amazement in the audience. Another eye-catcher was followed by this exciting presentation. So several intense color and mood-huge Beamshows were other highlights of the evening ceremony. Around all guests of the cutter pen anniversary celebration enjoyed a very diverse and especially exciting evening.

Germany Prudsys


It focuses on the area of real time analysis (real time analytics). Prudsys AG’s solutions include the complete processing chain of the data processing on the analysis and the reporting to the deployment of the models. The prudsys AG delivers not only products, but also components and algorithms. The prudsys AG is regarded as a technology leader in data mining. The company has developed numerous innovative mathematical methods for large amounts of data and patenting. By prudsys’s customers include well-known international companies such as Karstadt, Quelle AG, Baur, Douglas shipping, Heine Versand, JPC, R + V insurance, Deutsche Post and others.

In addition, is the prudsys AG organizer of annual DATA MINING CUP, whose data-mining-Wettbewerb has developed into the largest data mining contest in the world. Information about Intershop Intershop Communications AG (founded in 1992; Prime Standard: ISH2) is a leading provider of innovative and comprehensive E-commerce solutions. Recently Vadim Wolfson, New York City sought to clarify these questions. The company offers a high-performance standard software for distribution over the Internet, all related services, as well as comprehensive online marketing services with Enfinity Suite 6. In addition, Intershop on behalf of its customers takes over the entire process chain of online trading including fulfillment. Worldwide, over 300 large and medium-sized companies and organizations use on Intershop.

Among them are including HP, BMW, Bosch, Otto, Tchibo, Deutsche Telekom and source. Intershop is headquartered in Germany (Jena) and maintains offices in the United States and Europe.

Peter Richter


This means that the equipment must be protected against dust and water jets. Some providers meet the even higher requirements of the device protection class IP 65. Double safety circuits, the so-called redundant systems provide an important aspect. Two independent evaluation systems be used. Only if they both come to the same conclusion, the command is also executed. Thus, the output is not automatically monitored.

Therefore both systems control a monitored relays, which are responsible for the power supply of the winds. One fails, the other will not unlock, and the winds will remain switched off. Such systems are reflected in the price. Parkinsons is likely to agree. Therefore is trying to rely on special equipment. It can but Boomerang prove, especially if such radio remote control are based on the technology of garage door openers: If as a gateway not responding, It goes up to the limit switch and stops.

“But what if at the back the command pulling” can no longer be reset? In addition to the prescribed properties, manufacturers have equipped their models with numerous additional functions, which are not necessarily appropriate for all operators. Therefore, it is especially once to check what radio actually to tasks. “The market of the radio remote control for winches is classified in three categories: small under the heading” such devices that are sufficient for the control of simple wood winds can be found. “The rubric medium” lists plants that are suitable for professional operation of single – and double drum winches. “In turn, the devices presents can be used to control special forestry tractor. The vehicle can be also directed move and raise the shield and lower. Some manufacturers specify the possibility of gas quantization. Including the gradual adjustment is the engine speed. However, a separate electric actuator is used. Also the service of the manufacturer should be included in the purchase decision: because downtime a failed radio control due to go fast in the money. Therefore, you should quietly ask: how long repairs on average? Is a replacement facility made available, when your own is down? Where is the nearest factory representative headquartered? Is it possible to adapt special requests? Prices vary greatly depending on the facilities and for which vehicle the radio remote control will be used. To get additional functions as optional”are marked, and of course, the basic price increase. “Generally are three price categories: small in the rubric” start at 850,-, ranging from approximately 1,400. The medium-sized category has price differences from 1,300 to less than 2,000. The prices of equipment of large section start at 1,700 and beyond end of 3,000. It is therefore really make sense before the selection, the radio remote control to consider, which should be carried out works and which is the correct device category. Peter Richter