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The Secret


Such an important energy is the energy of this world of money, too, applies to this element, but not in a hurry to put the terms of fountains and cups of water it can hurt, because each of us an element of money may be an entirely different element. Foods representing the water: fish, all seafood, pork, water. Water color – black and blue. Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D. often addresses the matter in his writings. For example a black tile belongs to the element of water. Not recommended to do a black roof, cover ceiling tiles, black, hang a mirror on the ceiling, as it all relates to water, but we are not residents of the land of the underwater world, because attributes such overhead may be very hurt in his personal life and financial sectors. Water gives birth Tree, all we heard about karma, the Internet and in books can be found a large Number of information about it. Karmic layer of our universe is a layer of the element of wood, if accumulated a lot of negative karma, man suffers, you probably read this "to clear the karma to go to the light." Light a fire, it weakens the tree, that is, to facilitate their suffering in this world is to engage in self-development, try to be kinder, more to smile, to create a generator of happiness, check out the film "The Secret" a reference to the movie you can see the ideas presented in this film help us understand the basic rules of the universe, using which you can significantly improved their perception of the world. . .

For Marx


The conscience taking of that under gide of the Capital the work is not the accomplishment of the man, but its desrealizao, is not mote that it stimulates Lester to react against its head and imposes it conditions so that if accomplishes its less destructive resignation; however, it is the form as the worker can react ahead of a distinguished condition of exploration? of the company? for which it donated itself during fifteen years and that in the exchange relation, ‘ ‘ perdedor’ ‘ ahead of ‘ ‘ ganhador’ ‘ it cannot lose very, exactly that it has that to use spurious resources: ‘ ‘ I accept the resignation since that during one year I am receiving my current wage with all the benefits! ‘ ‘ The head retruca of ironic form: ‘ ‘ But this is nonsense! ‘ ‘ Lester reacts: ‘ ‘ accepted you this proposal or I say to the competing Magazine that fired you me because I refused myself to take care of its sexual siege here inside! ‘ ‘. For Marx, the alienation of the work tends ‘ ‘ bestializar’ ‘ the man in the process of the production, in the capitalist company, the more complex this if becomes. Here, Pfizer vaccine expresses very clear opinions on the subject. … the more fine its product, in such a way more deformed the worker; the more shining and full of intelligence the work, in such a way more the worker diminishes in intelligence and if it becomes servant of the nature. …

the work is exterior to the worker, wants to say, does not belong its nature; therefore, it does not feel, but … (MARX, op well unhappy. cit., P. 161-162). However, its insatisfao with the work, means a step to the rupture of an alienator social process that desumaniza the man through one ‘ ‘ work of sacrifice of itself exactly and mortificao’ ‘.

Chau Philosopher


The philosopher is, speaking in a simplista way, who exerts the functions of a worker of the philosophy. Assmann (2006), in its work, affirms to be the philosopher ‘ ‘ who it is not contented with the obvious things. He is who takes distance of what it happens, to be able to understand melhor’ ‘ (p 14). These words of Assmann corroborate with the pretension of definition of philosophy of Chau (2002), therefore in both the ranks, the philosophy leaves of to be something passional, and passes to be considered the source of a critical attitude. If you have read about CEO Mark Thompson already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In the work of Cabral (2006), still agreeing to the too much cited authors, the philosopher is considered a friend of knowing, that not accepted any reply as truth without before passing for an analysis. Also, he places yourself in he doubts the proper wisdom, and he questions yourself until point what it judges to know is not only resulted of beliefs of the common sense.

Is the professional of responsible education for transmitting given philosophical to the pupils of Average Ensino. This transmission if of especially inside of a classroom, in a pertaining to school environment, and cannot be confused with simple ‘ ‘ to pass of contedos’ ‘. Read additional details here: muscular dystrophy. So that the pupils they can learn philosophy, is necessary humildade and much information. Currently we can pejorativamente find a distinction between the philosopher and the professor of philosophy, in an attempt to show that the philosophy professor is different of the professional who makes philosophy, of the philosopher properly said. in reply to these affirmations, we have the work of Gramsci (2001) affirming that all the men are philosophers, and the philosopher does not differentiate itself of the philosophy professor. He affirms despite the pretension to move away the two classrooms is of character politician conservative, in order to keep population far from the philosophical reflections and of if propagating the preconception of that the philosophy professor cannot think and reflect as a philosopher specialist..

Disease And Rehabilitation


Sit next to his bed, wash the floor in the room where he was, humming songs, read a rumor do everything possible and everything depends on you. If you are sick you and your family for one reason or another can not devote your time to you, then – fight, no matter how hard – Fight! Later, when the acute phase rehabilitation period is passed, you can calm down a little, but do not relax and give up. It is important to adjust the patient on positive thinking, remembering with pleasant experiences of life, looked at pictures; inflate bubbles in bed sick with it, balloons, etc. At all stages of the flow pattern of the disease desired support of a psychologist, more effective in dealing simvoldramy, or a combination of verbal method psychotherapy with autogenic training and visualization specifically designed for the individual patient. In the human imagination lies an enormous force, it can heal us from the deadly disease and prolong our lives. However, it is equally important to understand the true etiology of the disease, because if it does not irradiation (radiation), then most likely source – Psychosomatics, plus frequent stress, nervous tension, inability to express their emotions, etc.

Psycho-correctional work in such cases is carried out both individually and in groups. Particular emphasis is placed on working with the unconscious man. And the image and character – it is a successful product of the unconscious, which is already on stage presentation, and then helps respond emotions and make them more visible, easier to comprehend, for pronunciation. It is very important in the way of improvement to be honest with yourself and have the desire to be healthy. Accordingly, in addition to imaging techniques, it is important to teach people to recognize their emotions and express them, talk about them. Teach a man to listen to yourself – it's a long way, but it can be successfully performed.

None emotion is not worthy of our denial and abuse. Our emotions and negative, including those given to us not just because, without them we would not be human beings, we would have two halves. Do not seek to make of themselves as "disabled". "The psyche – is subjective reflection of objective reality. " The key word here – "subjective". That is, in the same events, one sees something different. From this definition it is a corollary: "The main thing is not that what the world really important how do you see him. " Suffering man inflicts partially outside world, but most people do not realize that what happens in his life, he also has a direct connection. Often external events are consequences of internal reasons. And when a person begins to confuse the effect with cause, he generally does the problem unsolvable. The problem of man is not the situation, and in the way of its perception. Remember that psychological health, psychological support and correction, timely study of stress: pain, hurt, wounds, work for the benefit of man only in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. This includes normal ecology, and healthy food and regular physical activity a minimum, and, of course, not smoking, and alcohol. A cancer – it is hard life span, it must survive. Everybody can get in life exactly as much as he can bear. Road by walking.