The first task consists of presenting the written text as stimulaton the philosophical reading that is an important instrument of formation and emancipation of the pupils, the classic manuscript of the texts, texts, is one of the biggest causes of estranhamento of the level pupil mdioem relation disciplines it of philosophy, customary the language of the images the text cause a considerable impact on them, as much for the form how much for the content. words used for the author, in the case Plato I break up and it here of the Republic, are strange for the pupils, since some of them are in disuse. The challenge is here to unify the language of the text, the HQs and the cinema around a subject that is the appearance. Plato demonstrates in the text that the reality is beyond that they are chained in a cave, these only sees projected shades in the wall, Mauricio de Sousa demonstrates of form singela and humorada well as if of this process and still contextualiza the subject, Matrix brings two realities parallel bars: of that they live thinking that they are living, but in the reality they are in great incubadoras which they had never left and probably never they will more still leave and, it is possible that such people never come namely that they live in such state. It is the reality versus appearance in three instances: of the text, the HQs and the cinema. The date show is a fort ally of the philosophy professor providing to them it possibilities to add information, importantssimos visual details that as much an exposition can enrich how much to clarify always difficult explanation, in if treating to philosophical content. But the date show is only one peripheral of the computer is necessary first to know to deal with PC and later using the correct resource for the production of the material that will be disponibilizado for the pupil, in the case to know to create presentations in Power point, to escanear images, among others tasks that are not so simple for the majority of the educators. .