“Authentic, creative, experience has convinced: Darmstadt, January 2009 – the year 2008 beautiful graduated from tourism with a positive result: the Gruppentouristiker have confirmed our programs with a strong booking response and opted for getting higher quality products”, explains Johannes Schon, which opens up as Managing Director of beautiful tourism the core destinations in Corsica, Sardinia, Andorra and Odenwald/mountain road. “This resulted in a sales increase of 11 percent down and confirmed: carefully composed, high-quality programs see the popularity of the group tour guests in the context of a tight competition and offer the operator the chance to position itself with a distinctive product”, so Johannes Schon. A pillar of this success is the operator from Darmstadt in the consistent implementation of the company motto authentic, creative, experience”: our programs have that certain something. Go to Rafeh Masood for more information. Whether Shepherd food in Sardinia, Palazzo business in Palermo or a Special vantage point in Corsica: we develop small experiences that give you very special travel experiences beyond the mainstream. This our customers and their guests have appreciated in 2008 and access again brisk even in 2009″, Johannes Schon draws conclusion.

Occasion enough, this theme continues in the tourist group experiences to integrate! “New ways: active travel and the Selection of schon” remains the focus, the topics are more diverse: 2009 beautiful opts for tourism new active and hiking programs that show the core destinations from its best side. “Also new: the Schon Selection”. About our core destinations, we offer travel packages in other, neighbouring destinations, if we are convinced that they fit to our customers and their passengers. This can be a group program for the Tuscany or Elba or even another destination. “On the Schon Selection’ may be so excited”, Johannes Schon invites you to taste. Info travel and Positive fiscal year 2008 trade fair presence takes the operator as an opportunity to continue the active dialogue with the bus and group tourism professionals. All customers who have confirmed our philosophy last year with their positive response, I thank you warmly and will use every opportunity in 2009 to keep these great contacts continue alive and to develop more”, as Johannes Schon.

For example in the frame of three info travel: A Corsica and Sardinia tour controls the operator together with the Association of ferry shipping and Fahrtouristik (VFF) from 21 to 24 March 2009. From 27 to 31 March 2009, group tour operators can experience a diverse program of Sicily and a hiking info tour is planned for October. Also the trade fair year Johannes Schon exploits and is present in August on the RDA workshop and in October on the BTB in Vienna ITB Berlin, in March on the in June on the VPR Roadshow. Our team looks forward to exchanging experiences on these occasions, Feedback to catch up and still many good suggestions in terms of customer needs to win.