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Industrial Residue


In recent years, with the environmental pollution is increasingly serious, the resources of the earth is facing an increasingly depleted state, therefore, the reprocessing and utilization for the industrial waste residue will be an important measure for the development of resource conservation in our country. It is reported that in accordance with the types, the industrial waste residue can be divided into many types, and the most common is fly ash, coal gangue, gypsum and so on. Because of the technological backwardness of our country, in the treatment of industrial waste residue, we still took the conservative ways, such as anywhere stacked, buried and so on, which brought a lot of pollution to air quality and water resources. Since last year, our state issued a series of environmental protection regulations, especially in the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the requirements for building a harmonious society drives the industry field setting off a craze of waste recycling. According to the introduction of relevant experts, in fact, through disposal by mobile crushing station, vibrating screen and other crushing equipments, these residues such as fly ash, coal gangue can be reused. Take the coal ash as an example, after disposal, the coal ash can be used as the raw material for making brick, which provides security for the new type brick making timely.The first program for the reuse of industrial residue is crushing. It can be said that the crushing efficiency directamente determines the utilization degree of the last residue.

Therefore, choosing the professional equipment is the key for the utilization of industrial residue crushing. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous crushing equipment manufacturers and suppliers, which can provide customers the most suitable crushing equipments. If you want to get more information, please contact Hongxing buidlings reuse of industrial waste residue is an important step for our country achieving the sustainable development, and expanding the reuse of waste will be a significant measure for our country achieving the healthy, green and harmonious development.

Cayenne Pepper


The name comes from the word Cayenne, a town in French Guiana, and the plant is related to the capsicum and the Jalapeno. Used to treat different ailments, including disorders dgestivos. This spice has called the attention of dietary industry because it has been discovered that it suppresses the appetite. Cayenne Pepper contains a number of antioxidants and vitamin A, as well as capsaicin, an ingredient especially applied in weight loss programs. This is a chemical that gives pepper its spicy flavor and is also used in the manufacture of gas pepper. Studies on the effects of capsaicin in the human digestive system demonstrate that this produces a feeling of warmth in the abdomen, what makes you feel satisfied and thus suppresses appetite. The people who participated in the studies reported overwhelmingly satiety. Another side effect that has been shown in research is that it has the capacity to produce an increase in the index metabolic.

Benefits cayenne pepper is a natural and economic substance. Can be obtained easily in supermarkets, where it is sold as a spice for flavor to meals. Numerous studies have shown that it suppresses appetite and it has thermogenic properties. It is known to improve circulation and that it is effective in the treatment of sore throat and chronic discomfort. Unlike other products that help weight loss, no serious adverse effects with the use of cayenne pepper disadvantages have been found people that presents risks of contracting an ulcer or who has digestive problems should avoid the use of cayenne pepper. The people who want to achieve a weight loss drastically and burn fat will need other supplements. If you are taking any type of medication could suffer from any unpleasant reaction to consume the Pepper’s Cayenne. No study has been clinically proven for cayenne pepper to assist weight loss effectively.

The components of the Cayenne Pepper ingredients include a variety of antioxidants, vitamin A and C and capsaicin. Exercise if you want to lose weight should follow an exercise program on a regular basis at the same time consuming cayenne pepper (in the same way as with other products that help weight loss). You should also follow a healthy, balanced diet for best results. Abstract cayenne pepper has a number of health benefits that have been demonstrated in various research projects. However, it is not sufficient in itself to achieve a reasonable weight loss. The key to weight loss is to get plenty of exercise and eat a healthy diet, you don’t need to take pills to lose weight. However, if you can add cayenne pepper as a supplement in your diet, your program to lose weight might be improved. And not only that this is a natural product and, unless you are taking any medication or present a condition by which should avoid irritation of the stomach (consult your doctor about this), will not result you in damage.