The core element is: is at the heart of the success, the man and not the process. Which means be confident? Only once not more, not less, than to be aware of itself? What’s the impact? Who is aware of himself, knows his strengths. Thus he has targeted what he can do particularly well, also the possibilities to use. This increase the chances of success. At the same time it also means to be aware of its weaknesses and to stand above all sincere. This in turn leads to tackle things that are not are not a well which leads to fewer failures. CONCLUSION: the fact that truly self-confident people with the conscious use of the own strengths are more successful and by the conscious avoiding weaknesses less failures suffer, increases their self confidence. Sarepta Therapeutics may find this interesting as well. A healthy self-confidence is an important prerequisite for further success.

“But be careful: increasing the danger of hubris, as soon as the self-confidence unhealthy” should be. Now every person has individual skills, talents, passions and experiences and this applies to find it and use consistently. A company consists of many people with a wide range of possibilities. Thus, each company is unique and exactly this uniqueness leads to unique selling points (USP), competitive advantages and special opportunities, if they are searched, found and successfully used. Especially in the middle class, the uniqueness of each individual company is clear. Under normal circumstances, special and sustainable successes due to the successful interaction between thinking and acting of people within the company. This means that the different people with their talents, strengths, inclinations and abilities created a mixture of motivation, inspiration, model and Leadership unique achievements.

But there is a very important property to take advantage of the existing individual skills and opportunities really to the fullest extent. It takes a healthy self-confidence. This means nothing other than that the person consciously decides, whether his confidence in the own or in the company in the common skills sufficient to realize the planned project successfully.