Regulations on part-time jobs, students have the opportunity to get rid of the mandatory health insurance and to opt for private health insurance. Because they typically have low financial resources, many students on a part-time job are instructed. The private insurance Portal indicating which points of with regard to the exercise of such activities are to be observed. Anyone wishing to take a private health insurance claim as a student, should inform first exactly of the provisions in this area. In the first semester, the monthly contributions are about 88 euros per month.

In an age of more than 20 years, monthly up to 130 euros must be paid. BAfoG recipients are lucky, as can cover 50 to 80 per cent of the posts with a State subsidy. But in addition, they perform a part-time job, so it can cause sometimes a PKV for student problems. Note in particular the number of working hours. A student job, for example, in a restaurant or a shop, not more than 20 working hours per week may apply. Otherwise, the study counts no longer as its main business and as a person liable to insurance workers, the student must return to a legal insurance.

Exemption from compulsory insurance is no longer possible in the order and the person concerned can return until after graduation to private health insurance. An exception is the break in this context. In these weeks can work without restrictions, or completed a paid internship. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann