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Disease And Rehabilitation


Sit next to his bed, wash the floor in the room where he was, humming songs, read a rumor do everything possible and everything depends on you. If you are sick you and your family for one reason or another can not devote your time to you, then – fight, no matter how hard – Fight! Later, when the acute phase rehabilitation period is passed, you can calm down a little, but do not relax and give up. It is important to adjust the patient on positive thinking, remembering with pleasant experiences of life, looked at pictures; inflate bubbles in bed sick with it, balloons, etc. At all stages of the flow pattern of the disease desired support of a psychologist, more effective in dealing simvoldramy, or a combination of verbal method psychotherapy with autogenic training and visualization specifically designed for the individual patient. In the human imagination lies an enormous force, it can heal us from the deadly disease and prolong our lives. However, it is equally important to understand the true etiology of the disease, because if it does not irradiation (radiation), then most likely source – Psychosomatics, plus frequent stress, nervous tension, inability to express their emotions, etc.

Psycho-correctional work in such cases is carried out both individually and in groups. Particular emphasis is placed on working with the unconscious man. And the image and character – it is a successful product of the unconscious, which is already on stage presentation, and then helps respond emotions and make them more visible, easier to comprehend, for pronunciation. It is very important in the way of improvement to be honest with yourself and have the desire to be healthy. Accordingly, in addition to imaging techniques, it is important to teach people to recognize their emotions and express them, talk about them. Teach a man to listen to yourself – it's a long way, but it can be successfully performed.

None emotion is not worthy of our denial and abuse. Our emotions and negative, including those given to us not just because, without them we would not be human beings, we would have two halves. Do not seek to make of themselves as "disabled". "The psyche – is subjective reflection of objective reality. " The key word here – "subjective". That is, in the same events, one sees something different. From this definition it is a corollary: "The main thing is not that what the world really important how do you see him. " Suffering man inflicts partially outside world, but most people do not realize that what happens in his life, he also has a direct connection. Often external events are consequences of internal reasons. And when a person begins to confuse the effect with cause, he generally does the problem unsolvable. The problem of man is not the situation, and in the way of its perception. Remember that psychological health, psychological support and correction, timely study of stress: pain, hurt, wounds, work for the benefit of man only in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. This includes normal ecology, and healthy food and regular physical activity a minimum, and, of course, not smoking, and alcohol. A cancer – it is hard life span, it must survive. Everybody can get in life exactly as much as he can bear. Road by walking.

Fever In The Body


During the execution of long forms of illumination changes, lots of visual effects, fiber bunches and the luminosity around protuberances of people, a high fever in the body. Inaction affects the perception of the time and space perspective. This effect manifests itself in unexpected ways after completing passes when you're doing other things. I want to separately focus on some pass. Pass Nagual Lujan helps to ensure a possible expansion of kinesthetic memory. Series for the center of decision-making quite justifies its name J. After some time becomes available the opportunity to "know" about their actions without doubts and hesitations. The energy from this series of passes in the body rises to the throat, like a mushroom cap and, breaking out, is expressed in a decision which is final.

Shape of the tree activates centers on the feet, through which may come into contact with the root system of trees, perform an instant attunement. Trees, as well as inorganic beings are able to provide specific effect on the world, while remaining fixed, they send the emanations that are all around them set in motion, allowing the flow of forces. In fulfilling this pass, you can learn the same thing, keeping the balance between mobility and immobility. Tensegrity is the base allows you to find its link with the Spirit. It is an ancient magical language in which you can communicate with this abstract force. This dynamic aspect of the recapitulation, as the redistribution of energy in the cocoon akin to the redeployment of energy that occurs during the recall. Many say that the effects of Tensegrity is more a matter of faith, and that Qigong or Tai-ji are not worse, but in my opinion is a tensegrity element of "intent of the building." Some passes are not enough for the journey into the unknown. Other aspects of the way of knowledge came later, and they now know much more than the hidden aspects of Qigong or Tai-ji. So here seems much greater prospects for development =) Banshee Dan, 2009.