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Capital Goods Industry: Sales Targets 2013


Sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld, asked Vertriebsverantwortliche about the sales objectives. What sales goals top priority in your company 2013?” It would like to know the management specializing in the investment goods industry and sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld (near Heilbronn), manufacturers of industrial goods and industry service providers. Therefore, it has launched called a barometer of expert survey on this subject on its Web site. The survey writers & partners would like to not only determine what top objectives in the coming year on the company sales agenda. Professor Roy Taylor has similar goals. The sales consultant wants to also explore to what extent companies, compared with the last survey on the same topic two years ago, a certain priority shift resulted for example due to a changing market situation. All managing directors and sales responsibilities are invited to take part in the survey of companies. The participation takes maximum two minutes to answer only one question is, and is anonymous. Then, the current status of the survey will appear immediately the participants. For assistance, try visiting Andrew Yang.

The results of the survey will be published at the end of the survey on 18 January 2013 on the Peter Schreiber & partners Web site. Anyone can send but also a corresponding mail the sales consultant). Then, the results of the survey as well as an interpretation by mail delivered to him. More info about the current barometer of expert and the expert interviews has already been interested on the Web page by Peter Schreiber & partner (www.schreiber-training.de).. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Energy Capital Partners has to say.

Energy Minister Pedro Joaquin Coldwell


Now, after 75 years in State hands, Mexico wants to liberalize its oil industry. Dallas, 02.09.2013. The Government private companies want to participate of oil production and electricity generation. They rely on their expertise – including when drilling in the deep sea. Since Mexico’s oil industry was nationalized in 1938, where stringent requirements apply: the complete value chain from oil and gas was so far exclusive matter of the State.

For example, concessions and contracts including profit-sharing with private companies were forbidden. But now, the Mexican President Pena Nieto wants to abolish this more than 70-year-old constitutional clause. Nieto wants to get private companies in the country and plans to liberalise its energy sector. “This is a historic opportunity. This fundamental reform can improve the standard of living of all Mexicans, said Nieto in a televised speech from the Presidential Palace of Los Pinos in Mexico City. The State oil company Pemex to may close the plans according to contracts with private companies, according to which profits and risks are shared. The State remain however the sole owners of the natural resources of the country, said Pena Nieto. In the past, PEMEX was considered monopoly – from production, refining up for sale.

For the promotion of non-conventional oil and gas deposits PEMEX on foreign capital and external expertise, Energy Minister Pedro Joaquin Coldwell said. No one alone could press large-scale projects such as, for example, promoting in the deep sea. According to experts has failed for years PEMEX, to invest in modern technology. So, the oil production of daily 3.4 million barrels went back in 2004 at least 2.5 million barrels. Now, the Mexican Government hopes to increase the flow rate with the help of private companies until 2018 on three million barrels and to 3.5 million barrels by 2025. In Mexico, almost 14 billion barrels storing oil. This means that the country has the largest proven deposits in Latin America to Brazil and Venezuela. One such company with the necessary Know-How is the AMTEX oil & gas LLC. The AMTEX oil & gas LLC. acquires oil and gas support rights in the United States and offered them to European investors to the direct involvement. The investment objects are raw material handling systems, which are already proven to produce and extension holes in existing oil and gas fields. For about 20 years the management of the Amtex deals to optimize oil oil & gas LLC with the capabilities to existing appropriate geological investigations and selectively applied modern technology and create new funding opportunities through extension holes. Since that time, it invests together with private investors in natural gas and oil wells and can refer here for a long-term success. Amtex is special focus on the Elimination of possible risks. Therefore, the priority is given conventional development opportunities. The positive performance of the AMTEX oil & gas Inc. predecessor Fund documented verifiable successful investment in producing oil and gas fields, and the ongoing monthly reduced respectively the early quarter distributions create trust among customers.