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It is for this reason that Hannibal should die. By the will of the gods, third sees a thrown spear (pilum) on the ground near him, between his position and the objective. Now the young Roman understood everything. His spontaneous enlistment, be ignored by the Numidian horsemen once it was shot down, wake up with life after a massacre and elude the valtiel. Fate had put him in this situation. I have to save Rome and continue the legacy of my ancestors. His mind began to agitate, believing that the same battle and the thousands of deaths only had sense by reaching this point, before an unbeatable Hannibal in the contraptions of war. Third delirious.

I am an instrument of the gods. It slithered slowly until you take the spear in his right hand. Hannibal was a short distance, so it was an easy prey. Without knowing why, worried about this distance. Then, doubts began to stalk him, everywhere, at the same time. Is this man really the same Hannibal? It is possible that only a one-eyed soldier who stole those clothing the dead Romans. And if it is actually Hannibal? There is no guarantee that if I kill your troops, be they desbanden and desist from taking Rome.

And if I can not kill him? What happens if I fail? What I will do if I catch? His thoughts were going so crazy. Meanwhile, one of the Carthaginians yelled to the one-eyed man and enraged retired next to each other which seemed also displeased. The one-eyed man was alone, thinking about what had happened with his gaze lost in the horizon that flashed its last rays of light. The dam was served. It was as if fate forced third to continue his destination. It is now or never. Leaving everything aside, third strongly argued the spear, but there remained. His arm heavily tiritaba and could not move. His mind ordering, but his body was reluctant annulling all his muscles. It was useless. The fear came over to third, while the one-eyed man moved away slowly. Finally, after the third became convinced that it was not more than one mere man like any other. Seeing Gnaeus, generals, soldiers and veterans, he realized that ancestry doesn’t mean anything, but the virtues that are building with marks of experience and determination that this entails. Even the same enemy gave sample of virtues that we falsely believe exclusive to the Romans. After all, each one seeks power and achieve supremacy does have that wrong? It is what we are. It is what we have built with our selfish actions. Hannibal only makes you think that it is fair, both for him as for his people, why fight the Romans. Perhaps are we different? This is the price of the war. I hope this is a lesson for the proud Rome. But only one lesson, since after all Rome has achieved greatness not to be unbeatable, but because it has always risen. I have no why they bear the burden of history, am just a man, a simple Roman. There we have been defeated, but tomorrow’s another day, and Rome will be great with or without my help. Third, now calmer, bandaged his leg wound and carefully observed the field. Now I have to get out of here.

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The human ear can theoretically capture a wide range of frequencies (20-16, 000 Hz) and discern an infinite amount of rhythms. However, to the passage of the years, the ear is accustomed to efficiently process the frequencies and rhythms used only in the native language. If the ear is not picking up the sounds, the voice cannot play them. In addition each language has a time of specific self-control (the time required by the ear to control the vocal emission).This is why some languages are faster than others, for example: a Frenchman who speaks British English should listen and talk even more quickly than in their language, at the same time emitting rare in its native language phonemes. Speaking another language is used in another way the small muscles in the ear and nerve complex circuits with which they are associated.

At each step the process of assimilating other language, is ear which controls the voice, which has an influence on the thinking and language structures. By this communication involves using all the nervous system. So we could say that we are predestined genetically speaking to speak a certain language; our parents and in general everyone who lives around us, so that the mere fact of attending a school to study does not guarantee that you can communicate in English, you will learn some grammar some words but you will need an ear training to capture words in different sound frequency, longer than the Spanish between 125 and 500 Hz while than the English between 2000 and the 12000Hz are completely opposite. -Now I understand the because if I could speak and understand me with my roommates when studying at schools of English but when I watch a movie or listen to a song the things already were not the same.