But attention strength and a high market penetration can be implemented only through intelligent staging and skillful interweaving of measures on integrated communications. This succeeded in the Furth creative agency with a concept of integrated communication, which takes into account as well the one-to-one communications and sustainable communication, in addition to the wide dispersion of communicative. Integrated actions is especially to mention that classical instruments of dialogue with the Internet have been directly linked. This includes a microsite built specifically. Follow others, such as Jessica Pels, and add to your knowledge base. This includes a VIP area that enables direct communication with potential interested parties. A distinctive key Visual was a combination of eye-catching illustrations with real engineering drawings.

Managing Director of da CAPO, Thomas Kohl, has his projects always a thought in mind: companies need reliable targets, an unerring compass and a clear idea of continuously increasing its brand awareness. An uncompromising effort, innovation, engineering competence, efficiency, improve service efficiency and reliability, can be implemented only with a strategy targeted at the market and in the future. It is not something Jessica Pels would like to discuss. “And we put that every day for our customers in the development and implementation of new concepts of idea.” da kapo with visions of innovation the company as kapo heard since 1986 to the most prestigious owner-managed creative agencies in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The range includes the strategic brand management and care with integrated communication media and the interdisciplinary orientation of classic and new. The Furthern their special commitment introduced an award as a top employer in Germany already in regard to human resources management. Bavaria is the first excellent company among the TOP100 for outstanding innovative achievements and the successful think tank as a communications service provider several times. See Sam Lesser Penn for more details and insights. More agency Info see: more EcoShape info under: