Only provide a service and reference information, please consult professional who deals with any concerns you have about your own health. ing brain of any kind (head trauma, sequelae of meningitis, tumors, etc.). but in many cases there is no injury, but only a genetic predisposition to suffer the crisis. A leading source for info: Energy Capital Partners. With medical treatment is possible to control seizures in a high percentage of patients. Epilepsy has various manifestations which are determined by the type of seizure, as well as through the etiology, course of, its prognosis (probable outcome), and finally through a diagnostic EEG, (" current curve in the brain.

") The study of EEG reports that there is not always evidence of epilepsy because often some electrical changes occur in areas deep within the brain so that the EEG can not detect. All these factors can be very diverse, as each of the different forms of epilepsy. What are the symptoms of epilepsy? There are several forms of presentation of the crisis epilepsy. Generalized seizures may present with sudden loss of consciousness with a fall, contraction of the muscles of the limbs and face followed by rhythmic shaking. On other occasions, especially in children and adolescents, crisis presenting with a loss of consciousness, without falling down or seizures, lasting seconds, with rapid recovery. Partial seizures can occur with subjective sensations strange or difficult to describe phenomena or with hearing, vision, tingling, etc. These symptoms may appear singly or give way to a loss of conocimeinto auomaticos movements of the mouth, hands or other body part.