Of course, this is not a mystery that before, and it is unlikely there are hundreds of young couples for whom this night would indeed be the first (although these still occur). Still, the wedding night is very symbolic, and no matter how them you have already spent together before the wedding. As self-celebration, that night – the beginning of a new life for you – simply has to be memorable. Try to do so in the memories left something exciting, unusual and, in spite of everything, the unknown. All in your hands. Think about and prepare for the night as well (and maybe even better), as well as to the wedding.

Clearly understand where and under what conditions this will occur. And most importantly – try to all the cares and worries on the wedding day to pass on to someone else's shoulders to the end of the day did not fall down from exhaustion, and be ready for new challenges and discoveries. Very positively to the holding of the first wedding night effect comfort. Leave the extreme sensations for later – even a whole life ahead. You should not sleep on the minds of people (there are real life examples). Well, that is to take care of the room in a hotel? Wide bed, a silk sheets, a bottle of red wine or champagne misted over at the head and a couple of delicacies on the 'later' Classic! Add novelty to the relationship and the sharp change of scenery. Let the guests still celebrate, but you already are flying in your city dreams. Believe me, the emotions and experiences will be unforgettable! And do not forget to take care of the details, a pleasant surprise for a loved one.