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Spanish English


The human ear can theoretically capture a wide range of frequencies (20-16, 000 Hz) and discern an infinite amount of rhythms. However, to the passage of the years, the ear is accustomed to efficiently process the frequencies and rhythms used only in the native language. If the ear is not picking up the sounds, the voice cannot play them. In addition each language has a time of specific self-control (the time required by the ear to control the vocal emission).This is why some languages are faster than others, for example: a Frenchman who speaks British English should listen and talk even more quickly than in their language, at the same time emitting rare in its native language phonemes. Speaking another language is used in another way the small muscles in the ear and nerve complex circuits with which they are associated.

At each step the process of assimilating other language, is ear which controls the voice, which has an influence on the thinking and language structures. By this communication involves using all the nervous system. So we could say that we are predestined genetically speaking to speak a certain language; our parents and in general everyone who lives around us, so that the mere fact of attending a school to study does not guarantee that you can communicate in English, you will learn some grammar some words but you will need an ear training to capture words in different sound frequency, longer than the Spanish between 125 and 500 Hz while than the English between 2000 and the 12000Hz are completely opposite. -Now I understand the because if I could speak and understand me with my roommates when studying at schools of English but when I watch a movie or listen to a song the things already were not the same.

How To Recover To An Ex-boyfriend Without Making Key Mistakes


You want to propose you to think a little on the relationship that you had, the man you want to reconquer, is the love of your life? I loved him with the same intensity with which you loved it? or you really gave everything and the only left is to love without putting anything on your part? Remember that every relationship is two people and not worth insisting on continuing a relationship of a single route, where you just give everything and he gives nothing. Why I recommend not continue that kind of relationship? Because only you will lose and will have further suffering and leave this relationship with many wounds difficult to overcome. Why? Because this man is extremely selfish and simply to find another woman who will fill more and leave you again without any care, do not bother to follow, no vale la pena. A relationship between two people should be reciprocal, it’s give and take, communicate openly and deliver clear messages that help the relationship and not fall behind it and more tangled. If you’ve decided that you want to recover your ex boyfriend, it must be because that man is worthwhile and especially loves you with great intensity, remember if love there are things always will be resolved in the best possible way.

Any relationship always involves a number of factors that confuse couple relationships, often confused love with passion and when that fire passes, relations cooled. To win back your ex boyfriend you can follow the following guidelines: get close to him without trickery or lies, show you how you are without trying to trick you. Worry about the things that he likes and shares those pleasant moments with him. Express your feelings in a frank and sincere manner. It seeks to understand their problems and share solutions with him. There is a strategy that has been proven to win back your ex-boyfriend without all the drama. Please Click here to make your ex boyfriend want to return with you. Must the strategy be expensive?