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Ban Jelacic


The first written mention of Zagreb is to 1094g. When King Ladislaus I founded the bishopric at Mount Kaptol. Near the bishopric was the city Hradec artisans, who in 1242 was declared a free city and always competed with Kaptol. Later, in 1851. Hradec Kaptol and merged into a single city of Zagreb, and now they together constitute the so-called Upper town – a medieval historical district of Zagreb. The upper city is famous for its architectural landmarks, lots of cozy cafes and restaurants, picturesque town market, where you can buy fresh fruit. The central square in Zagreb bears the name of Ban Jelacic, the national hero of Croatia, whose monument stands in the center square. Turn right on the area of Ban Jelacic, you'll see the monumental task of the Cathedral St.

Stephen's Cathedral looming over Kaptolskoy area. The cathedral was built in Gothic Revival style for several centuries and the present appearance in 1899. Near the cathedral is the Archbishop's Palace and the fortress walls with fortification towers, built in the Middle Ages to protect the cathedral and diocese. Nearby is a building of the Croatian parliament and presidential palace. Another attraction is the upper town St. Mark's Church, built in the 14th century, it has a unusual roof tile on which was painted in the colors of the flag of Croatia. One of the oldest streets of Upper Town – Tkachicheva street, this is one of the most popular holiday destinations of the townspeople and tourists.

Street Tkachicheva originates from the area of Ban Jelacic, and leads into the old city, it is almost all composed of many small restaurants, cafes and shops that always filled with tourists, every house on this street has its own individual person, houses are painted in different colors, many decorated with drawings and decorative elements. Another historical part of Zagreb – the so-called Lower City, this part of Zagreb was built mainly during the 19th century. Here are the National Theater, Museum Mimar, Archaeological Museum, the National University Botanic Garden, Gallery and many Shtrosmayera other museums. Zagreb is one of the greenest cities in Eastern Europe, in the city has many parks, the most famous of which – this park "Maksimir" an area of 18 hectares, a popular place for walking and recreation citizens. The park was opened to the public at 1794g. and became the first of its kind in the city park in Eastern Europe, in addition to the park is the Zagreb Zoo.



The radio range of the speaker covers a distance of up to 100 m. Also, the speakers are rainwater-sealing. The A/V radio transmission system, which ensures without cable for HDTV quality is suitable for video transmission, E.g. Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia is a great source of information. via a HD projector. The dLAN adapters from devolo ELV range of ensure with Powerline technology on the Internet up to 500 Mbit / s fast for more home networking. These components use the in-house power network for data transmission and can anywhere an Internet connection for PC or net / laptop build.

Only prerequisite is a power outlet and a network cable. New dLAN 500 AVmini is the Starter Kit, which reached speeds of up to 500 Mbit / s. It enables bandwidth-intensive uses, which occur for example by Blu-ray player connections to the Internet. High resolution images can be obtained from. In brief: The ELV/eQ-3 group with more than 1,000 employees has been one of more 30 years of the innovation and technology leaders in the fields of home automation and consumer electronics in Europe.

Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a landmark electronic mail-order company on the German market and more than 10,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. With more than 200 types of products, the eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. The brand HomeMatic”includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners.

European Social Fund


The standard also requires the existence of experts for the actions to develop with the unemployed. We can consider this point as a point of departure for the subsequent and gradual configuration of the figure of the career Planner. In this same year the national classification of occupations of the INEM already collects occupation of career coach for insertion. Integrated services for employment (S.I.P.E.), developed by both public (including many municipalities) and private non-profit entities, within the framework of collaboration agreements with the INEM are created in 1995. Its regulations stipulates that each Convention will determine the professional profiles of the people who taught the actions of orientation.

This caused, among others reasons, that currently there are so many names to refer to the same thing: the employment guidance professionals. Currently, partly following directives of the European Union, the trend is that management of public services that provide vocational guidance is de-centralized. Thus, local authorities have already several years creating ‘local employment services’, held in large part with grants from the INEM, autonomous communities and European Social Fund. In 2001 the community of Madrid assumes powers that had INEM employment. And in year 2003 is issued the law of the Covenant Local, where it is envisaged the transfer of competence for employment to local authorities, therefore follows the process of decentralization. This decentralization, and the increase in unemployment in the early 1990s, brought with them a considerable increase in the number of employment counsellors which today maintain the public employment services. On the other hand its functions, tasks and responsibilities have been increasing, going from a purely administrative work to another more technical. Currently the vast majority of employment counsellors are graduates or university diploma in social careers. The purpose of this unit will be, therefore, to disseminate this profession, and more specifically for the technician’s job placement, through a document that includes their different names, duties, tasks and responsibilities, areas of work, and human and professional profile which we consider necessary.



According to authors James and Rovers (2005), exist four categories of actions that can be developed by the druggist to improve the state of health of the patient, would be they: Education and accompaniment of the patient. Evaluation of the risk factors. Prevention of the health. Official site: Dr. Scott Atlas. Monitoring of the illnesses. These measures are lined up to the topics related for the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) and can be useful for promotion of the health and the rational medicine use.

The druggist must acquire knowledge to guide the community so that the same one knows as to proceed in relation to the medicine use and that it knows the illnesses most prevalent in its half one, also preveniz ways them or to diminish its complications (SULPINO, 2007). 3,3 Self-medication As Martinho (2005) self-medication can be considered a complementary factor to the system of health, in particular in the poor countries the World-wide Organization of the Health published lines of direction for exempt medicines of medical lapsing, however the inadequate self-medication can cause serious consequences as: to mask illnesses, to cause iatrognicas diseases, effect undesirable, poisonings, among others. The risks of the self-medication are related with the degree of instruction and information of the user on the medicine, as well as the easiness with that they acquire them to the consumers and mainly the fulfilment of the obligatoriness of the presentation of the prescription for tarjados medicines These risks cannot be classified as: diagnosised Riot incorrectly. delayed Recognition of the riot and possible aggravation. Choice of the inadequate therapy.

Yin Syndromes


This peeling is a sign of the Qi consumption and the Yin of the stomach. If the saburra is peeled entirely, leaving the smooth surface like a mirror, the condition is known as brilliant language. Brilliant tongue is a sign of exhaustion of stomach Yin and severe damage of the Qi of the stomach. _ The white Saburra Saburra color: one saburra white is normal and fine. However, a white layer may appear during an illness. If so, this would be an indicator of syndromes of the outer type, cold type. A white and thin layer is present in syndromes of cold outside, while a thick white coat appears in syndromes of internal cold.Saburra amarillUna yellow saburra is an indicator of internal syndromes and heat syndromes.

How much deeper the yellow lining, more severe higher pathogenic heat indicating. A pale yellow saburra indicates moderate heat, while a coating of dark yellow color indicates severe heat, and burning yellow points to a buildup of heat. Saburra grey: A grey saburra is an indicator of internal syndromes. It may be present in internal syndromes of heat, cold and moisture.If the saburra is yellowish grey and also dry, this indicates a body fluid consumption due to excessive heat.If the saburra is also wet and whitish grey, this indicates an internal cold moisture retention or retention of phlegm and fluid. Since a gray saburra often turns black, you can to also observe a grayish black coating.

Saburra black: A black saburra indicates internal syndromes due to excess heat or cold. A black saburra is usually the result of the gradual increase in a grey or yellow saburra. A black saburra occurs in advanced and severe stages of the disease. If color is black beige and in addition the saburra is dry and possibly aspect espinaso, this means that there is a body fluid consumption due to excessive heat.



Incidentally, there are cases when spamming suit rivals any of the company (website), so to discredit the latest in the eyes of potential customers (visitors). Thus, we can conclude that to dig a hole itself is just silly – it has rivals, and should proceed to analyze the more civilized forms of advertising. Respectable option, however, ignore such a powerful advertising tool as an e-mail, is unwise. The more that can satisfy the interests of both sides: the advertiser, and reklamopotrebitelya. We are talking about sending letters to subscribers. Of course, the hunters to read materials containing advertising leaflets, there is not much.

Mailed to subscribers messages should contain interesting information. As an example, can result in delivery of practical school financial trading vCollege, in which the author – S. Golubitsky, using his very peculiar, ironic style of presentation, tells the stories of legendary career business world. Stories fairly bulky, but about the college in every letter he speaks only a couple of lines small font at the end of the message. In this case we can speak not only about ‘pure’ advertising, but about PR-technologies of the association brand. Novice masters ‘mailing’ genre is recommended not to have its own original mailings, and published as early as the existing one. The disadvantages are obvious ways, but he there are objective advantages. First, the owners of mailing lists are usually edit text, indicate the typical drawbacks such as frequent use of the same words, or the use of simple monosyllabic sentences, meager vocabulary, etc.



Of 1880 the 1930, but over all from 1890, Brazil starts to integrate one of the destinations of the Spaniard. Additional information at Vadim Belyaev, New York City supports this article. Of the period, the Brazilian migratory politics consisted of an ample spreading of the benefits of the coming for Brazil, forming a migratory flow basically individual, masculine and directed to the great urban centers. The reception regions were diverse and the extremely precarious conditions as they indicate innumerable stories on the misery and maltreatment which was submitted the Spaniard, according to Martinez. Moreover, the exerted works were generally of low qualification, being that many enquistamento of the teuto-Brazilians (GIRARD, 2009). The main groups of immigrants in Brazil are Portuguese, Italian,> Spaniard, Germans and Japanese, that more than represent eighty percent of the total. Until the end of century XX, the Portuguese appear as dominant group, with more than thirty percent, what she is natural, given its affinity with the Brazilian population.

They are the Italians, after that, the group that has greater participation in the migratory process, with almost thirty percent of the total, concentrates, over all in the state of So Paulo, where if it finds the biggest colony Italian of the country. The Spaniard follow themselves, with more than ten percent, the Germans, with more than five, and the Japanese, with almost five percent of the total of immigrants (BRASILESCOLA, 2009). 3.1 BRAZIL AS LAND MORE ADJUSTED IMMIGRATION It has some opinions that more support the idea of Brazil to be one of the adjusted countries for immigration, if compared with Africa and U.S.A. According to Moritz Lamberg, witness of the period, these regions would be in long stated period unhealthy nationalize later, in a period where Germany already had lost its African possesses, the gegrafo Bernhard Brandt retakes cotejo. Climatic Brazil would present imbatveis advantages and for the European it would be less unhealthy than African tropical lands.

Travel Kingdom


Doubly annoying if the grubby weather short before the holidays start on their fitness to travel with fever and flu home stay put. No menu but up to 80% cancellation charges for it! Therefore the important note applies also here a travel cancellation insurance takes terror charge twice! Annual travel insurance with repatriation spontaneously enjoying the first snow and in the fall for a weekend off at the Stubai glacier in Austria. Here in the snow Kingdom everything is perfectly prepared for grandiose vision and fast descents and also assistance in an emergency or slope accident is very well organized. The newspapers mentioned CEO Mark Thompson not as a source, but as a related topic. Everything has a price of course and unfortunately, only the Pistentransport on her own is paid with the lift ticket. Logistically no problem is an unfortunate fall and the world-renowned to Innsbruck in the hospital financially but already. The Bill is salted and the statutory health insurance long no longer everything. The rescue is not applied although by the statutory health insurance, the recovery however.

What is the difference? The helicopter rescue means that no It was possible to accomplish the evacuation by car. That is less the case in generously developed ski resorts, to ride the ski Raj always leads to the next Street where the ambulance is already waiting. Direct flight to the hospital the victim pays the additional costs for the helicopter! Even more serious is the fact that the acquisition of transport by the statutory health insurance in the hospital in Innsbruck ends, the way would be ensured only by a health insurance with medically meaningful repatriation home. Muscular dystrophy shines more light on the discussion. A travel protection coverage is optimal package which includes travel accident insurance. All inclusive packages particularly in remote destinations in the Caribbean or Asia all inclusive packages, meals, drinks and sports book love and the largest share. The travel costs are so precisely predictable and can be completely relaxed and perfectly looked back the cold season in Germany. A carefree travel insurance from our point of view these include all inclusive packages simply, because only then you have really all inclusive. The cancellation insurance covers the cancellation costs which also higher due to the average price higher for these travel deals. In the event of cancellation case can unfortunately while not enjoying the all including buffets, pay your cancellation costs however diligently with.