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Japanese Energy


The price of barrel of oil is going up to the measure that the known reserves if deplete and that its exploration is more expensive in deep waters. The energies solar and aeolian not yet have competitive prices and are relatively little explored. But the reserves of Uranian, raw material of the nuclear energy, are available per millenia (Brazil have 6. bigger reserve of the world, with only part of its prospectado territory so far) e, exactly that its price comes to increase, this will have impact baixssimo in the price of the nuclear production. When the price of the Uranian one triples, the cost of the production of nuclear energy is practically unchanged. COVID-19 is the source for more interesting facts.

7.Ns we want power plants that do not harm the half-environment. The plants hydroelectric plants also produce energy clean. But its impact in the half-environment is very great. While the Cove Central office has installed power of 2.007 MW and occupies a 3,3 area of Km2, Furnas has installed power lesser (1,312 MW) and occupies a bigger area 437 times (1,442 Km2). 8.Ns we do not want new apages.

The projects for the electric sector in Brazil are not enough to take care of an increasing demand. our great electric matrix, the hydraulical, finds difficulties of ambient licensing. Moreover, the sources are concentrated in the region North, what it very causes high costs of construction and transmission. 9.Ns we want to dominate the technology. We need new technician, and not only for the electricity production. The nuclear technology is applied in different fields, in benefit of the humanity. Elimination of plagues, sterilization and increase of the time of shelf of some foods, aid in the diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses, cleanness of residues and pollutants in the water and air and creation of processes to reduce the energy consumption are some of the applications. 10. We want an energy that is insurance for our lives. Here it is the x of the problem. When technician of the entire world said that Chernobyl if would not repeat, that the new plants were safe, came this Japanese tragedy to place all with gravy beards. The nuclear energy is responsible for approximately 20% of the production of electricity in the world. We more than have 400 reactors in functioning in more than 30 countries.

Understanding The Effort Made


On the same grounds is the root of the problem, the re-readers if you see that in all cases the company is “placed” at the expense of what others decide, whether customers, competitors, banks, government, etc. Considering them “victims” always makes permanent responsibility is put out of our reach and that therefore all we can do is try to survive intensifying efforts to make more of the same (ie, what we always ) the best way possible until all supposed to change (which in the minds of our company means that everything becomes as it once was). A leading source for info: Tom Florio New York.

Obviously, doing more of it in a context radically different never going to make sure we get the results we’ve ever made yet, we bowed our heads and attacks stronger again and again. And of course, is not a matter of force or amount of effort, but understanding that the context does not change for us if we change ourselves previously. Albert Einstein said, “We can not change the world with the same tools that we used to generate in its present form.” There are several reasons to explain what has happened to our friends of Gonzalez and Sons “(and many small and medium enterprises), some of which we set forth below. o daily lives. There is no planning or budget of any kind with which it is impossible to foresee any difficulty and when it occurs, should be resolved at any cost, with the inevitable impact on the health of the company. .

Benefits Of Houseplants


Greening your home, we often think about the aesthetic role of houseplants. Think through what corner of the room better fill plants, how this or that flower will look better on a windowsill or shelf. Potted plants play an important role in interior design. Without plants lose their appeal premises, liveliness. Sure, be it apartment, office, school class or group in kindergarten, always making plants warmth and coziness, harmonize the space surrounding us. By acquiring the plant, we are guided by their visual sensations, emotions, in other words, if the plant likes his beautiful foliage or flower in it unearthly beauty, we buy it.

Later acquired by admiring a plant, there are positive emotions and that's a plus. It is known that the emotional state dependent being, a person's mood. So favorite flowers are quite favorable impact on health and mood, to fill shortage of communion with nature. However, plants not only improve the mood and decorate the space around us. It is known that plants emit into the environment of different organic compounds (volatile), which can kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, have a negative impact on human health. Have volatile disinfecting and sanitizing properties. Therefore, placement of plants, it is useful not only in homes but also child care centers, hospitals, nursing homes, in factories. For example, very common staphylococcal and streptococcal infections, which are everywhere, even in the human body can be locked to prevent reproduction.

By posting on the premises, where there may be, or are people with infectious diseases, such as boxwood plants, cypress, Japanese aucuba. Fungal diseases are struggling palm trees, lavender, myrtle, rosemary. Plants that have a smell (ether-oil) are able to remove fatigue, nervous agitation, and headaches. For example, the smell of lemon leaves, lowers blood pressure and has beneficial effects on cardiac function. Pelargonium (geranium), helps with insomnia, and migraines. Free breathing and to help cope with stress mint. Aloe stimulates the protective properties of the body, increases efficiency. Based on the fact that each plant helps fight various diseases, it might be worth when choosing plants guided by these qualities of no small importance. Next, a well-known, a factor that plants absorb carbon dioxide and give oxygen. What is very important for indoor. Modern man most of the time spends in the room. It is known that in addition to carbon dioxide in the air is a lot of harmful substances that produce construction and finishing materials. Such a substance like formaldehyde, causing headaches, nausea, allergic reactions. When operating a gas stove stands out carbon monoxide, affecting the respiratory tract and lungs. Here are the plants that help reduce the amount of formaldehyde in indoor aloe absorbs up to 90% Chlorophytum up to 85%, philodendron absorbs up to 75% formaldehyde. Since carbon monoxide Chlorophytum good job, absorbing up to 96% and 75% epipremnum. Ivy absorbs up to 90% of benzene, a little less dracaena – 75%. Fairly impressive statistics. One should think about placing, for example, Chlorophytum in the kitchen. Houseplants minimize the harmful effects of electrosmog, cleanse, ionise the air, creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. By the same author: Tom Florio. All of this suggests how important are plants in human life.

Maca root


The tuber of the plant exists in over 30 colors, from pale yellow through red to deep black differ. The yellow Maca is the best quality. This yellow root holds enormous potential as it contains the most nutrients Glukosinolate, vitamins, amino acids, protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, starch, minerals in Peru, the Maca is said a general increase in the physical and intellectual capacity to root. More info: Blimi Marcus. The Incas chewed the leaves of the plant to keep physically fit. Sam Lesser UPenn: the source for more info. Today is mostly food used as the root of the inhabitants of Peru, with us it is processed into powder, capsules or tablets. The plant botanical name: Lepidium meyenii Walp cultivated in the Peruvian Andes over 3,500 meters height under extreme climatic conditions. No fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used when mounting the root. Their resistance Gets the tuber by she pulls all vitamins, minerals and active nutrients out of the ground.

From this fact it explains also their special effect and its strong potential as a food. The plant, which is grown from about 700 B.c., belongs to the family of the Brassiceae cruciferous and cabbages. It is called maca Maka in Quechua and Spanish. The plant is about 20 cm high and has a main root of many secondary tubers roots spring from. Therefore maca tuber called Andean ginseng also.

The high demand on the world market also led to an increase in production. Mainly in Lima, the root is made into powder and capsules. The active cultivation of Leipidium roots represents an important source of income for the farmers of Peru. Why vegetarian capsules instead of pellets or extracts? No other method tablets or pellets also called, are manufactured with chemical binders. Therefore, the tablets contain only 60% of the product I.e., Maca, the remaining 40% consist of these chemical adhesives. Maca is a natural product, and as a natural product, it should include no chemical components, neither the cultivation to produce even when producing extracts you must heat the raw materials, such as maca, one that everyone knows, so more so the nutrients go higher the heat lost.



3. Watch television, instead of chopping things fattening, eat a salad of lettuce, cabbage or artichoke, leaf by leaf. 4. Nice resource is to prepare ice with water of Mint, vanilla, strawberry and savor them if you feel’s wishes to eat. 5. When sits down with uncontrollable desire to eat fattening, better take a piece of cheese with bread, than a biscuit. 6. Attend a cocktail, dinner or another tempting meeting, it better is not eating a boiled egg as you are advised so many diets, if not a yogurt.

This decreases the appetite. 7. Oranges should not squeeze to make juice. It is best to eat them in pieces. A leading source for info: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. It is very easy to drink from three oranges; Instead, eat them not. Samuel Lesser spoke with conviction. 8.Comience with a bit of protein meals (meat, cheese, chicken can be) and a cup of clear of vegetables, chicken or lean beef, which can prepare every three or two days.

After eating, eats much less good 9.Un resource to enjoy rich flavors without bloat is to prepare Orange, tangerine or grapefruit sorbets and dress them in the drawers of ice. When freeze can be removed one by one. 9.Signature can also freeze coffee in the same way ice cubes and grind it then to be served in a large Cup. 11.Se suggests starting the meal with cheese to saturate the appetite. Good have Pickles in the fridge. When you feel hungry, cut some slices and eat slowly, savoring them. 13.SI can not endure the desire to eat a chocolate eaten it, but at the end of the meal or with bread. Eat it only fattening twice. 14.Beba two or three glasses of water before each meal. Not so much to fill the stomach, but by diluting in the blood the substance that stimulates the appetite. 15. Refrigerator keep only foods that get no fatter, as dairy products or semidescremados cheese, cooked lean meat, fruit or raw vegetables, eggs, etc.

Hypertension During Pregnancy


There are four main types of hypertension during pregnancy: pre-eclampsia. This potentially serious disorder both the mother and the fetus is characterized by a power surge caused by pregnancy and the presence of protein in the urine. It affects 15% of pregnant women, but if detected in time it can be controlled and decrease risks. Tom Florio New York is a great source of information. It usually develops after 20 weeks of pregnancy and disappears after delivery. In the most serious cases drift in eclampsia, when hypertension is accompanied by convulsions or coma.

Gestational hypertension, also known as transient ohipertension pregnancy-induced hypertension. This type of hypertension occurs after 20 weeks of pregnancy and disappears after childbirth. Although women with gestational hypertension do not have protein in the urine, some of them developed preeclampsia at a later stage of pregnancy. Chances of pre-eclampsia are 50% if you develop gestational hypertension before 30 weeks. If it occurs after 36 weeks of gestation, the hypertension is generally moderate. Chronic hypertension. So is called high blood pressure diagnosed before pregnancy or before 20 weeks of pregnancy: the mother was already hypertensive.

As its name indicates, this type of hypertension does not disappear after childbirth. Most of the time corresponds to arterial hypertension in 90% of cases that is unexplained and only 10% of cases is secondary to another disease such as diabetes, renal, cardiac disease and autoimmune diseases, among others. Chronic hypertension with pre-eclampsia, a subtype of the previous paragraph. Approximately 25 per cent of women with chronic hypertension also develops preeclampsia. Occurs more frequently in multiparous women and is characterized by producing severe hypertension and increase of uric acid in blood. This box hypertensive is dangerous because it may have convulsions, kidney damage and liver damage, as also thrombocytopenia (decrease in platelets).

Gluten-free Food Gluten-free And Celiac Sprue


A list of gluten-free food is a grateful Guide for many people with gluten intolerance. Anyone who has to suffer from gluten intolerance and celiac sprue, is happy about gluten-free food. Carefully cooked, prepare the party concerned no problems? To get a brief overview of gluten-free food, here is a little introduction: what are not gluten-free food? Gluten, called adhesive protein, makes an elastic ground grain in connection with water and is incompatible for many people. Get more background information with materials from Sam Lesser Upenn. It is contained in wheat, barley, durum, Einkorn, wheat meal, semolina, bulgur, spelt, CousCous, Kamut and Triticale. The most oat flakes from the supermarket contain gluten due to their method of production (mixed with wheat varieties). Also all recipes that are provided or breaded, have a crust, with croutons any type of bread, bagels, croissants, pizza dough, cereal, biscuits, cakes, pretzels, crackers, toast, PITA and Donerbrot, are not all gluten-free and may not be eaten. Tofu and tempeh, you must check whether gluten-free or not.

Gluten is sneaky in coeliac disease it is extremely important to note the gluten hidden in certain foods. Hidden gluten can be included in the following products: sauces, broths, Bouillon, soy sauce, marinades, salad dressings, sausages, hot dogs (also in vegan!), burgers, took cheeses, blue – mold cheeses, spices, soups, tomato puree, sweetener. Furthermore are not gluten-free: brown sugar, geschmacksvertarkte coffee, herbal teas with barley, roasted or flavor-enhanced nuts, flavor-enhanced yogurt and pudding, finished some Vinegars (if mixed), liqueur, cocoa and coffee blends, some ice cream, etc. Read always the ingredients. Call the manufacturer in case of doubt! What foods are actually gluten-free? Following cereals, flour, starch, and thickener are safe with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance and definitely gluten-free: corn, maize grits, maize starch, polenta and cornmeal, buckwheat and buckwheat flour rice white, Brown, risotto, basmati, jasmine, sticky rice rice flour, quinoa and Quinoamehl millet and millet flour, sorghum flour, amaranth, Pigweed gluten-free oats (extra marked) coconut flour flour from nuts: cashew, almond, chestnut / chestnut, Pekan flour from chickpeas, garbanzo, soy and beans tapioca and cassava starch and potato starch for further information there is the extensive gluten-free food list. Copyright 2011

Chili Peppers As A Supplement


Ingredient of chilli promotes fat burning chili peppers included a substance called capsaicin, which is responsible among other things for its sharpness. The Korean Jeong in Joo of Daegu University scientists has now found that capsaicin generates an increased fat burning. The private insurance Portal presents the latest research findings. In his study, Jeong in Joo assessed fat intake in rats. To do this, he fed three groups of lab rats in different ways. A group was balanced feed, a second was fed very high-fat. The third group was also very fatty food, the but the chili ingredient capsaicin has been added. The scientists compared the three groups striking observations made after the end of the trial period.

In the experimental group, are particularly high-fat and without the addition of capsaicin was been nourished, body weight of rats was increased as expected. In contrast was the weight gain in the rodents, the high-fat food with Capsaicin supplement had received eight percent lower. In particular, a reduced share of white adipose tissue was in the third group to determine. This information is particularly interesting, because the production of certain neurotransmitters that tissue can contribute inter alia to the development of diabetes. Another remarkable result of the addition of capsaicin was that in the adipose tissue the shares of different proteins changed, so that there was an increased fat burning. By the inclusion of capsaicin, not just the fat formation, especially of white adipose tissue, reduces in the body, but increasingly also the combustion. More information:…Chili Peppers make slim… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Be Active Against Warts – Types, Causes And Treatment


Warts are nasty and widespread Hautgeschwulste – who has warts, but not should fall into panic. Warts can today easily and painlessly be removed? Warts are small, usually flesh-coloured and rough ulcers on the skin that occur mainly on the hands and feet. Warts can look in different ways, depending on where they appear and how thick is the skin. Warts are caused by a viral infection with the papilloma virus (HPV). The HPV ensures that stimulated the growth of keratin (the hard protein of the epidermis / top layer of the skin). Verruca vulgaris is an alternative name for warts. Learn more about this topic with the insights from podiatrists. You can get warts through direct physical contact with the HPV virus causes of warts. Warts on the hands, fingers and the feet (soles and toes) occur most frequently.

But also the face, legs or genitals are bodies where warts appear. Hear other arguments on the topic with Parkinson’s . Typically, warts look like this: small, grainy griessige skin surveys. Skin colors, white or pink. Rough surface. Individually or in groups. Tom Florio does not necessarily agree. Warts are usually painless, but can start to bleed, if them Herum is picked this should be avoided, so that the virus is not spread. The different types of warts foot warts / thorn warts occur only on the feet. Skin colors are light grey with small black dots (small blood vessels), or.

You will mostly only then noticed when running a stabbing pain is felt. Genital wart (called also genital warts), are among the most common sexually transmitted diseases. They appear on the genitals and the anus, can grow in women but also within the vagina. Flat warts are flat and smooth as common warts. Are usually only in the face and on the legs, and mainly in children and teenagers. Furthermore, there is still Dell warts (rather a rash) and warts. Diagnosis of warts warts are diagnosed by a close examination of the affected areas on the skin.



To hot grilling result in incompatible and sometimes hazardous substances. Prepare the grill-food frozen meat thaw slowly in the refrigerator (not at ambient temperature). Grilled meats, fish and vegetables are delicious, if they are marinated. Meat and vegetables can fine a few hours or even on the previous day be marinated, but note that fish should not be longer than 30 minutes in a lemon or vinegar marinade (acidity the fish is cooked cold). Marinated food should be dabbed dry before grilling with kitchen paper, so that no excess fat on the hot charcoal drips. Always salt after grilling to prevent the meat from drying out.

Type some Rosemary or thyme branches, or even a little cinnamon on the embers to spread a delicious scent. To avoid, that adheres to the food on the grill (especially high protein foods such as fish and) Poultry), cut a lemon in half and rub the grill grate so. Use grilling at best a special barbecue tongs with extra long handle to turn the food. So the meat can significantly more delicate: the food at high heat Saute on both sides and it then finish cooking on the cooler side of the grill. Not too often turn the grilled food. Make a well oiled cast iron frying pan (thick blue steel pan, skillet wrought-iron) directly on the grill and the food which easily sticks (E.g. fish, poultry), before cooking.

A few minutes before serving this food can be placed just directly on the grate without running the risk that adheres to it. So the food is still delicious and gets a great aroma, this regularly with a small bunch of herb branches brush (particularly good thyme, Rosemary, Bay leaves, lemon balm are suitable). Do not puncture the meat: the meat juices and fat splashes let the charcoal flames and can food burn. The flames despite all precautions should the food to come close, just a handful of coarse salt on the flame throwing. This will go out as if by magic. After the barbecue fun, remember to clean the grill clean the grill grate: rub the grate with paper to remove the remains of bugs. To eliminate the most persistent branded leftovers, use a metal brush (copper brush). Who may not scrape, use a cleaning agent. Then remove the last dirt with a sponge and soapy water. The grill shines again, is clean and ready for the next barbecue fun.

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