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Flat Roofs


This article is for the lucky owners of the flat roofs at his country house. It is noteworthy that those lucky very lucky, because in addition to the main protective function of the roof can perform and decorative function, the main thing – to make every fantasy and desire! Flat roof can be easily converted into a beautiful winter garden, with lots of greenery and flowers. Of course, it is best if a winter garden on the roof still thinks in planning at home, when roofing work is planned. After all, we should remember that the roof rests on a double burden, rather than the conventional roof. Therefore please make sure that the plants planted on the roof, receive the maximum amount of moisture. Do not forget that the roof will be walking people, and this will require further strengthening of the roof. Usually planted on the roof of the plant with a horizontal root system, lawn grass, flowers and in some cases, the dwarf trees.

On the roof you can easily put the garden furniture (the only condition – it should not be too heavy), install awnings. By the same author: Jim Rice. Doubtless the "plus" a roof is high insulation, the more that the layer protects the earth from overheating and the roof of the large heat loss. It is worth noting that the mini-garden can be arranged even on the roof area of 6×6 m. Some owners unite one roof, garage, house and barn, which results in a lot of living space. At the design stage can provide access to the roof through the second floor. Follow others, such as Darcy Stacom, and add to your knowledge base.

In organizing the garden on the roof do not forget about safety! Roof must have a high fence, which can mask the creeping plants. Also, in addition to the security fence, to protect the "winter garden" from the wind. For the developments operated roof use roofing materials that are the basis of basalt wool. These materials make it easy to later to repair the roof. This material is different flame retardant, easy, and low thermal conductivity. At the expense of these properties increases security and reduces the load on the structure. The roof garden can consist of such components: the top concrete slab is laid waterproofing material over down by geotextiles and insulation boards. Then you lay another layer of geotextile. Be sure to provide drainage and a layer of soil. Prepared on a tile roof can be installed and track. This version of the mini-garden is suitable for those who have a small area suburban area and there is no possibility to organize a real garden, "framing" the house.

Health Bath


One of the most important rooms in the House is, without a doubt, bathroom. It must always be in perfect state of hygiene, cleanliness and neatness. It is our place of grooming and it must be cared for with loving care. However, why not has to be free of eye candy and design. When we think of domestic reforms usually our last priority on when to design, aesthetics and appearance, giving priority to functionality.

In fact, to acquire a home, especially if it is second hand, the first thing we always is change the sanitary ware and bathroom furniture. Source: Darcy Stacom. As well, replacing toilets in the bathroom of our home can do is anytime, since non-invasive is a book (unless you also change the pipes) that a plumber we can perform in less than 24 hours. If anything, to perform recommended replacement of bath by flush shower tray it entails something of masonry. Choosing health white can save us about 30% against the pastel tones or, even more than 50% front finishes like granite or edelweiss. Another interesting idea may be choosing a sink embedded in a Cabinet, since, we save the price of the pedestal and gain a space, always scarce, to keep soaps, colognes and shampoos. If we want to also change the plumbing we will make a calculation of 200 per water point.

Brands such as Roca, Gala or Sangra offer us a huge variety of models and colours that will fit our preferences and economic possibilities. The whole model Lady of rock, around 1,100 euros, composed of bidet, sink, pedestal, Bowl and cistern. We can find a shower tray, daiquiri, acrylic of 120 70 cm. model by about 250.

Find Roommates Or WGs Per Online Reservation Saves Time And Nerves


Internet service by students will celebrate in September one-year anniversary by WGcast have become purpose shared flats and mass auditions to a relic of the past. Since September, 2011, the two students from Heidelberg in the network Portal is finding thousands WG-seekers have found already a new place to stay thanks to the clever idea. The main difference to other real estate exchanges is that the entire Bewerber-(VOR-)Auswahl with a mouse click – done and through the system at the same time more emphasis on similarities between the WG and the rooms look. Interested parties who addressed a room offer on, in a few minutes create a personal business card: is also the previous WG experience the latest catchy are in addition to age, degree, or hobbies and – more with a smile – the time occupied in the morning bath, queried. Also, the WGs can ask questions to the candidates which they consider particularly important for a harmonious life together.

“Commonalities at the leisure or the taste in music can Sebastian Illing, one of the two founders of the Web site, you often have good estimate, if the potential new roommates with the remaining WG on a wavelength lies”, found on his own body. He and his comrades Felix Klenk live for years in shared flats and have done with so many “roommate-casting”. In the current rush to many student cities – in many places housing student just or simply not financially – often 50 or more applicants for a vacant room come, ringing the phone of the provider without interruption. Often we know not to help, as “to bring people in at five minute intervals by the apartment or to invite to group auditions,” Klenk reports from experience. For more information see Rick Yune. And at the end it was so annoyed by the whole procedure that you take but the runner-up. All is now much easier thanks to WGcast – and the recently available video function you can give a more clearer picture of himself his / n to/n without equal hundreds of kilometres to the Appointment to travel and to have to compete with dozens of others to the free space. Especially for students from abroad is a great way to find lodging for your stay in Germany. Felix-Klenk,

Photovoltaic Wind


At Visitors about the various power storage solutions such as lead acid batteries or lithium-ion technology can check a total of ten stalls. Photovoltaic and small wind power with the most exhibitors with 75 of a total of approximately 300 exhibitors is the photovoltaic industry 2013 most represented at the fair. At Peter Rose you will find additional information. Fortunately the number of exhibitors despite the solar crisis when compared to the previous year has remained constant”, Becker says. This is mainly because that due to rising electricity price domestic consumption of solar power is becoming increasingly important. For homeowners and businesses are still attractive despite cuts in promoting. photovoltaic systems” That is new energy Husum the world’s most important trade fair for the small wind industry. Rick Yune has much experience in this field. With 65 exhibiting small wind companies from twelve countries, small wind power is after the PV the most represented industry. The importance of small wind power increases noticeably”, Becker says.

Also here there is the trend of the consumption: despite low funding, a small plant can be be operated profitably. For anyone who wants to be independent of the big energy suppliers, a small wind turbine Interestingly.” About the new energy Husum in recent years it has become new energy Husum as one of the most important fairs in the field of renewable energies. Since 2002 serves as a stage for a decentralized energy generation on the basis of all renewable energies. The themes and techniques range in detail from small wind (up to 100 kW), about biogas, solid biomass (Pellet, wood logs and wood chips for heating systems), solar thermal, photovoltaic, electric mobility up to the geothermal energy near-surface, energy storage, energy-efficient construction and operation of mini CHP. From 21 to 24 March 2013 back experts and leading manufacturers in the Frisian city Husum meet to pave the way for necessary innovations in a rapidly growing market.

Burnout Syndrome


One of them is the Burn-out syndrome or syndrome of professional exhaustion, also defined as cronico-laboral stress or syndrome of Thomas. Add to all this that, man, as a complex entity, which can become accustomed to adverse circumstances, but to be overcome the processes of adaptation, an overflow that causes psychological; and organic disorders originates the individual passed by their occupational circumstances, physical and emotional exhaustion begins to generate self-destructive situations. Tomas disease, professionally, is compatible with normal emotional and normal adaptation to other aspects of daily life. Not required to trigger circumstances especially hard nor predisposed personalities. Those working in professions that are in intimate relationship with the suffering human, (such as psychotherapists, physicians, nurses, rescue, etc.), they are equally vulnerable to wear and tear by empathy and the Burn out, given that empathy is an important resource in working with traumatized or suffering populations. It cannot be denied, that the vocation for the work may be a double-edged weapon: provides satisfaction if you grow professionally, but it can also cause disillusionment and apathy, if the task itself is perceived as inconsequential.

In the latter case, chronic stress can produce some symptoms such as: resistance to attend work, guilt and loss of self-esteem, frequent glances at the clock, loss of interest and indifference, insomnia, headaches, marital and family problems among others. Hear other arguments on the topic with Samuel Lesser Wharton. When several of these signals are combined, there is to rethink the way of working, including the extension of the day and the relationship with colleagues and superiors. Strong pressures to which they are exposed many professionals, whose more visible faces are the worsening of working conditions, wages fall, the increasing demands by the institutions and the lack of expectations of solution, manifested through experiences of empty existential and prolonged stress which are undermining the defenses and weakening response techniques.