In this point it is important to consider if it has developed in his life revolt attitudes, nonconformity, complaint, fight, competition or even, resentment that prevent the healthy development in the church. Although it sounds drastic, if it discovers east type of thoughts and behavior, is fundamental that apologises to God. Instruments of support Who ministerially accompanies a shepherd, worker or leader, she must become his support and fortify to him at the moments of crisis. To fight themselves with him, to controvert its instructions or to generate chaos and polarization between the believers, are harmful. It does not bring blessing, but it causes curse. Parallel to this, must have sense of respect by its superior.

Although it is certain the methods are different or not of how conceive you them, it must accept them. After all they work in a common intention: the extension of the kingdom of God. If we assumed a comprehensible attitude and from opening, we get to include/understand the thought of our superior, rejecting all rebellious attitude (Cf. 1 Pedro 5:5). And if we do not agree? It is probable that in the process to adopt instructions that do not share and, so that no, to undergo the consequences of arbitrary decisions, it has experienced downheart and the desire of not following ahead. In such cases the recommendation is to put under its loads before the Gentleman and to find force in Him (Cf.

Psalm 34:1; 1 Samuel 30:6). Since it will have been able to appreciate it, from the practical plane, the own David went to Sir before to the human strategies at the time of crisis. Even though he is against the dispositions of his leader, he teaches us to the Bible that we must keep loyalty to him to the superiors (1 Pedro 2:20). It is a form to keep the testimony. In addition, to collaborate to him taking care of the instructions that he distributes. Also, not hiding anything to him (Marks 4:22), that is abiertamente disloyalty behavior. Who takes advantage of the weaknesses his leader, aspect that attack to conclude, does not build its future ministry but it feeds the passages for the defeat in the short or medium term, since it will be contributing to division in the church, before to build it.