FLIR systems introduces new ex-series thermal image cameras, which are now available. FLIR systems introduces new ex-series thermal image cameras, which are now available. The ex series are entry-level models with numerous functions. Thermal imaging cameras are ideal to replace, for example, a point-IR pyrometer. They are suitable especially for building inspections, to find insulation problems, to detect leaks in flat roofs or underfloor heating systems to investigate. The ex series is equally suitable for electrical and mechanical inspections.

Here can be localized with the thermal imaging cameras such as electrical problems, control cabinets are checked, u.v.m be found engine problems. The FLIR ex-series distinguishes itself especially through its ease of use and their excellent value for money. You generated in no time with simple sighting and record JPEG thermal images, which contain all the necessary temperature data and stored internally or externally, sent and analyzed can be. The entry-level model in the ex series is the FLIR E4 with an image resolution of 80 x 60 pixels and thermal sensitivity of < 0.15 C. The thermal imaging camera FLIR E5 has a resolution of 120 x 90 pixels, FLIR E6 model has 160 x 120 pixels and is also equipped with the images-in-picture, as well as the color alarm feature.

The top model is the FLIR E8 with an image resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and thermal sensitivity of < 0.06 C. Due to the low weight of only 575 g, the infrared cameras are very handy and easy to find place in a belt pouch. All models measure temperatures up to + 250 C, and are equipped with the patented MSX process by FLIR. This provides thermal images with outstanding image quality in real time. The result stung sharp thermal images, faster orientation towards the goal and clear reports without clutter. Furthermore, you can more quickly locate abnormalities. In addition the infrared cameras FLIR E6 and FLIR E8 are the equipped multi-spectral image storage. This is a combined storage of MSX, heat, digital image and picture-in-picture. For thermal imaging cameras, FLIR tools software is available, which can be downloaded free of charge. It is suitable for simple updating of a camera and for the easy creation of inspection reports. So can, for example, images from the camera to a computer are imported, measuring tools in a thermal image created, moved and adjusted headers and footers logos in reports will be added to and, for example, filter when searching for specific images used. The FLIR tools + is optionally available, which has more features.