Maybe follow a good fitness might follow a good fitness: and Cardioprogramm and pay attention to a healthy diet – what about it but with your flexibility and your balance? Flexibility: and balance training are important aspects of a trained body, and yet they are often underestimated and neglected. With increasing age, we lose both flexibility and balance, and helps the body posture and muscle strength to improve it, and also prevents injuries. Yoga classes basel is one of the best methods for maintaining flexibility, acted, and balance. There are so many different types of yoga, and we will look at now more precisely some of them, to give you an idea which could be suitable for you. No.

1 – Yoga Hatha Yoga in Sanskrit, ‘Hatha’ means power. It describes the physical practice of yoga, thus all other types of Yoga fall under the category of Hatha. When you visit Hatha Yoga as a classroom, you will find a rather slower Routine with little or even no ‘flow’ between the individual positions. It is a gentle routine, which is tailored to beginners. You will learn basic positions, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and meditation. No. 2 – this style of Yoga vinyasa yoga combines movement with breathing, and creates flowing movements, which flow seamlessly from one position to the next. In Sanskrit means connect ‘vinyasa’.

Every move combines inhale or exhale. You will learn some of the greetings of the Sun, the Warrior position, balance positions, back strain, and seat stretching exercises. Each yoga school basel ends with Savasana, the final relaxation position. No. 3 – Lyengar Lyengar Yoga is a type of Yoga which focuses on aligning. Here the positions do not flow as with vinyasa. Positions are kept longer, while for more expansion, through your breathing. A variety of tools used, such as blocks, straps, and blankets, to facilitate the correct position. Lyengar is is specifically for those who prefer detailed instructions, or need personal care for people with injuries. No. 4 – Bikram Bikram Yoga is known for hot rooms and sweat-inducing positions. This type of Yoga developed by Bikram Choudhury and consists of 26 positions, which will be carried out in strict sequence. Bikram yoga basel chose these specific positions from the conviction that the whole body systematically challenge – the organs, veins, ligaments, and muscles. No. 5 – Ashtanga Ashtanga Yoga was developed by K. Pattabhi Jois and considered to be the modern, classical form of Indian Yoga. It is known as ‘Power Yoga’. As with vinyasa movements and breathing are combined. In Ashtanga, the positions are however meant to be with four phases: the opening phase, one of six ‘series’, back bend, and stands head. Ashtanga provides a more structured and powerful training, which focuses on mastering the positions and prepared at advanced levels. These first five types of Yoga will give you instructions that which might suit your needs.