With WotanEX, the Gemtec GmbH offers a cross-process solution the security and information management system for local real estate. WotanEX is real estate: tailor-made security concept and maintenance plan for local real estate and buildings under difficult economic conditions. The usage helps to structure real estate and building facilities and makes it possible to optimize the management and better exploit potential. WotanEX displays all security relevant information of the whole sites at a glance graphic controlled. TBI blood test contains valuable tech resources. You can see the complete status of all buildings, locations, equipment and their status. Thus, the object with the latest technical support is protected and that it can in this way permanently reduce operating and management costs and long term get the value of the buildings and facilities. By linking the object-related information such as real estate and building data with the user-related contractual relationships such as rental, lease, use, and leasehold contracts can be a business and object of expense with integrated transaction processing. As the requirements for cost and performance transparency to steadily rise, WotanEX offers a decisive advantage for modern management.

Because causes for cost variances can carefully analyzed, introduced improvements and used excess funds elsewhere. But the program allows not only the reduction in general operating costs with the comparison of all data of the real estate, but can at the same time optimize the structure of the municipal administration. At a central point, a point of contact for all tasks that are related to a covered real estate, is responsible. The processes are clear and reduced communication and decision-making. A great advantage of the WotanEX solution, which already share numerous users in cities and towns, is a central database that amter – as well as across the task can be applied.