Shoes that I’ll have to wash by hand, also my garments, valuable pieces, with water and SOAP, healthy and hot water and a small brush of strong spikes, will be intelligent for it to do so alone. I want to overcome it all this infinite had it been torment malquerida, forgotten on this earth, thing to thing, step by step want to forget. Not having been dear, this my life, in the name of the father mine ask to be soon. I want happiness and rest, to forget, you’ve succeeded. I want to overcome everything, step by step, like a pilgrim, span to span, as the road. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sam Lesser Penn.

Virtue to virtue, but I need help of mine and fate, with that, piece of heaven I can do everything, covering distances and exit vacuum, open my paths to heaven, do and undo, try at least. I want to heal me and heal. A giant arrow is which has gone through me, I like an elephant I received, I want to be another in these lands, be born again on these roads and learn to love me and to love them. Go life took, go things I write but in what I have become. Go things I spend my pen moves without sense, and are, believe me, feelings of the soul which embodied here. MOM is golden and silver MOM is worth silver and gold, MOM is worth much money, MOM is worth the Sun. MOM gets up in the morning and makes breakfast, takes care of cats as anyone and is happy, but worth more than caring for one thing for, because he is intelligent and cultured, is capable of more, we call it LA GORDA, since little ones because it was always chubby, and she understood, breast fat is, I am also a little.