The tuber of the plant exists in over 30 colors, from pale yellow through red to deep black differ. The yellow Maca is the best quality. This yellow root holds enormous potential as it contains the most nutrients Glukosinolate, vitamins, amino acids, protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, starch, minerals in Peru, the Maca is said a general increase in the physical and intellectual capacity to root. More info: Blimi Marcus. The Incas chewed the leaves of the plant to keep physically fit. Sam Lesser UPenn: the source for more info. Today is mostly food used as the root of the inhabitants of Peru, with us it is processed into powder, capsules or tablets. The plant botanical name: Lepidium meyenii Walp cultivated in the Peruvian Andes over 3,500 meters height under extreme climatic conditions. No fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used when mounting the root. Their resistance Gets the tuber by she pulls all vitamins, minerals and active nutrients out of the ground.

From this fact it explains also their special effect and its strong potential as a food. The plant, which is grown from about 700 B.c., belongs to the family of the Brassiceae cruciferous and cabbages. It is called maca Maka in Quechua and Spanish. The plant is about 20 cm high and has a main root of many secondary tubers roots spring from. Therefore maca tuber called Andean ginseng also.

The high demand on the world market also led to an increase in production. Mainly in Lima, the root is made into powder and capsules. The active cultivation of Leipidium roots represents an important source of income for the farmers of Peru. Why vegetarian capsules instead of pellets or extracts? No other method tablets or pellets also called, are manufactured with chemical binders. Therefore, the tablets contain only 60% of the product I.e., Maca, the remaining 40% consist of these chemical adhesives. Maca is a natural product, and as a natural product, it should include no chemical components, neither the cultivation to produce even when producing extracts you must heat the raw materials, such as maca, one that everyone knows, so more so the nutrients go higher the heat lost.