Alcohol in moderation is good (except drinks prepared with refreshments), especially beer and wines are good, however the calories of an alcoholic beverage not can be used as fuel when it comes to exercise, but remember that beer and wine have vitamins, minerals and fiber, 1 beer or 1 glass of wine a day is good. avoid butter and margarine in excess, it is best not to eat much, but if it is also important to eat a little of the 2, the best cooking oil is extra virgin olive oil. the dairy are basic to our food, the problem is that they contain fat and cholesterol, but fortunately the light of milk, yogurt and cream etc versions were already invented, then it’s best to consume low fat dairy. Do not drink soda, this is my favorite tip, before he took daily refresh (tail), leave it completely and surprise lower weight, the soft drink is LO PEOR is poison, a chemical called acid phosphoric which demineralizes you, i.e. all the nutrients that you got from the vegetables and the dairy are going to go to the spout with only a black drink, it also has significant quantities of sugar which overload the liver and the pancreas (diabetes) and you upload weightBlack soda decalcifying, des mineralizes and makes you gain weight. Remember that food is also part of the training, if you have bad habits of power, part of your effort when train is this pulling away. Before echarte 20 chorizo tacos and a drink of cola(o cualquier comida chatarra), think twice, think it would be better to eat 5 tacos and a water taste.