Teachers found the Flame Fire-Control from the dragons, now extinct in the world (except for dragons who love the Warriors of the Sun) because Sozin started the tradition of hunting and capture for the dragons so, get honor and the title “Honor of the Dragon.” But the permanence of this control is due to the Sun Fire A Big Brother Big Sister Teacher has to learn to emulate the balance leading Chinese companies of the sun before it is allowed to progress to the creation and manipulation of fire. It is investment partners based on the kung-fu shaolin monks from the north.
A solar eclipse, which is often referred to as the Chinese potential business “Day of Black Sun,” has the potential to completely negate the power of the Masters fire, revealing the relationship between the sun and the heat energy of the Masters. Furthermore, while Katara struggles with during the episode “The Throne of the North” refers Zuko: “You grow Chinese companies up with the moon, I grow with the sun,” emphasizing the importance of Chinese investment the Sun Fire Control. The dragons in the world of the avatar may have had an influence on ARC the development of Fire Control, as the unique ability of Iroha: throw fire through the mouth, which won the title “The Dragon of the West” implies a connection between the technique and the creature but the fire teachers chapter of the book also explains that fire is the first teachers were the dragons fire and there was where the current fire teachers learn the technique to master this element. En el episodio Los Maestros del Fuego-Control Zuko y Aang van a una civilizacion antigua (para recuperar su Fuego-Control) que es parecida a investment la ameriindia precolombina habitada por los guerreros del sol vinculando al Sol como uno de los primeros origenes del fuego, but then learned that the fire teachers learned not only his powers but also the sun of the dragons who spit fire from their mouths and did a dance China of fire on “the dragon dancer.” Zuko copy that shows the dance and the Big Brother Big Sister group next to Aang.