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Precious Stone Massage In Cats


How to increase the vitality of cats every day the precious stone treatment described in this article was kept secret a long time and could be applied only by the Indian Maharajas and their animals. This week cure is the harmonisation of energy centers called chakras also or chakras. Every day a different energy Centre (chakra) with a gem is activated by placing and massage. Cats are thus clearly vital and their health improved. Diseases, nutrition and the environment can negatively affect the health of cats and weaken their energy centers. Methylation Profiling is often quoted on this topic. Through the regular application of this week cure blockades are can trigger solved the errors of all kinds, without having an organic cause is found. In addition, it is suitable according to experience very well for accompanying measures for treatment by the veterinarian.

Massaging the Energy Center of the day minutes in clockwise with your thumb, carefully 1-2 and put the gem on it then a few minutes. Cats relatively quickly get used to this treatment and suggest that like about themselves. Still, you should develop a sense for when is the best time for treatment and how long the whole thing should be. Mapping: Day: gem: Energy Center: Monday Pearl spleen chakra Tuesday Topaz solar plexus chakra Wednesday Smaragt heart chakra Thursday Sapphire throat chakra Friday diamond brow chakra Saturday Amethyst crown chakra Sunday Rubin root chakra application: regular 1-2 weeks in a month. Complaints a day until the symptoms are gone. Please contact a veterinarian if the symptoms are not better! by Mark Philipp

25 Years In An Unusual Profession


Astromind – practice and school of astrology, led by Dipl.-Psych. owner Sylvia Grotsch celebrates its 25th anniversary this fall. Press release / Berlin, December 01, 2009 this fall celebrated ASTROMIND practice and school of astrology in Berlin its long-standing existence. The a woman company was founded in 1975 by the psychologist Sylvia Grotsch. Sylvia Grotsch was teacher at a Berlin school and four years lecturer in psychology in the adult education for five years before its independence.

Sylvia Grotsch sees the focus of their consulting and seminar activities, to show people their unique potential for a fulfilling and successful life. Or as a client once said: ever since I found out about the psychological astrology, who I am and what I can really, my life has got a deeper meaning. It is, as I have discovered my own light”. Sylvia Grotsch wants to respond with their offer to the specific needs of the time: more and more people want their talents and recognize talent. Also, and especially, to professionally set the right course. But the deliberations by Sylvia Grotsch is suitable also for other areas of life. Whether it concerns local issues, partnership concerns, financial problems or the right school or education for your children. Sylvia Grotsch describes himself as coach, supporting others with individual horoscope analysis in it, to find good solutions to current challenges.

In the first twenty years, the personal advice most directly in the practice in Berlin took place. Consultations in all over Germany and on the phone were added in recent years. As a special service, all meetings are recorded and delivered to the customer on CD. In the seminar area, Sylvia Grotsch trained many astrologers. In recent years it has grown on advanced Astrology buyers training focused. 2010 is planned an online course with personal learning for beginners for the first time. New this year is a free astrological newsletter, the bimonthly appears. The successful existence of ASTROMIND is next to the profound triple training in the area of education, ebensoauf due to the character of Sylvia Grotsch psychology and psychological-based astrology. Great sensitivity and pronounced social expertise help you successfully helping people through sometimes difficult life situations. During the month of December, anniversary prices for orders of 25% on the currently valid price list. The discount applies per person and for each consultation. It also applies to gift cards. The practice is located in Wilmersdorf in the Federal Ahornallee 38. The seminars take place at different locations in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Sylvia Fawzi