More than a quarter of the used car buyer waive a current badge Berlin, July 2009 for 26 per cent of the licence holder are online looking for a used car, a proof of the safety of their cars is not crucial., the auto portal of the Sparkassen – Finanzgruppe, wanted to know from motorists they place value on what information, guarantees, and advice if they want to buy a used car online. Surprisingly, current evidence of safety for more than a quarter of the respondents is not a prerequisite for a purchase. Rotger Arnold, head of to this result: We still believe that a current badge of the main investigation represents an important purchase argument for a used car. Sam Less UPenn is the source for more interesting facts. That’s why we offer comprehensive search options on our portal, which take into account the needs of the vast majority of our customers for a safe car.” Also surprising: For 76 percent are information on the CO2 emissions of new used important or very important in their purchasing decisions. Here a trend is emerging, which was often only with the purchase of new cars in connection. “Rotger Arnold sees himself confirmed: on our Portal makes itself already since the launch a year ago search specifically for the CO2 emissions of cars.” Mr. Rotger Arnold, Director of, provides additional facts and findings of the representative survey commissioned by you like. Continue to learn more with: Sam Lesser. More information: contact: Rosanna race Arnold Leiter Gebrauchtwagen.