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Sexual Abuse – So You Protect Your Child


“The most important tips against the threat posed by child molesters that you should know perpetrators can be the nicest people that you know and have even a particularly good line to children abuse happens mostly in the acquaintances and family circle, much less by strangers” also children and young people, and women can your fear of committing sexual abuse, to suspect innocent may extradite defenseless children the wrong you can do caring yourself sincerely and regularly for the wishes and your child’s problems”, but you don’t press it, but they offer a sympathetic ear are still somewhat suspicious to others (valuables you would leave not openly lying around and not even look if everything there is) educate younger children: nobody can you da” touch. If someone does, it say us clearing older kids: there are people who bring children, they touch or touch to make, as the kids don’t really like it. These people always lie to the children so that they say nothing. Children need to say something but always her parents, as quickly as they can, because they might otherwise be sick and lonely time, if nobody helps them. To make parents want to and can help children with such problems, even if the children imagine sometimes don’t, like you can for the necessary education current abuse cases for the occasion, and discuss with your child about the concealment and uncovering such adventures encourage your child on his gut feelings”.

But let the yardstick for all actions are not the gut instinct of the child. What’s the belly says is important, but sometimes it is also right to listen to the mind.” Set and respect limits: tell sometimes consistently: No. Why? Because I don’t want that.” Respect also, if your child doesn’t like something. But you can dance on the nose around”: adults and kids have rules all, Check with your local counselling against sexual abuse symptoms and ways with children about a suspect to talk let your child an appropriate professional course on the prevention participate in. (Offers corresponding to the evaluation see pwv_posi.pdf) A concrete suspicion: Tell very precisely about the rights situation, before you your suspicion or your certainty anyone else as a counseling center for sexual abuse be communicated. “Martha sound corner, author of: not afraid of the child molester”, risk sexual abuse what parents can do: education, prevention, symptoms, court procedures, help, special part: credibility opinion, will be released on February 25, 2010 ISBN: 978-3-9812864-0-3, 12.50 (D) contact: Martha sound corner mobile 0151-211 513 88 fax/VoiceBox: 03212 1148216 mail: Homepage:

Promotion Of Reading Of A Different Kind


Special gift for boys and girls, which should be introduced to reading reading is a basic prerequisite of our culture. In our time, with its many different media offers for children, is reading, is often too short the joy of reading. Organisations of the Foundation read up to the Standing Conference is therefore reading promotion on the flags wrote. Brivo Publisher takes a new approach with his reading presents. Promotion of reading with the post for children is great fun, to get the post. The Weitnauer publishers have harnessed it.

Around, they have woven a fanciful history of with Brivo”recipient children can send their own letter Bird on a helium balloon on the trip. From this trip, the children get then ten letters with adventurous and informative stories that you find in the letter box, window, or even in the backpack. For the locations are in this case the parents (Godfather, uncle, aunt, Grandma…) responsible, that the finished written letters before the Gift set have been taken and then deliver. Promotion of reading in the elementary school Brivo”offers special promotion of reading, many educators, the Brivo find” now in the classroom use as a reading project for the whole class. The balloon launch with the small Pappbrivo is an amazing entry event for a school project. The ten letters offer a recurring occasion of reading and in terms of content and lots of suggestions that can be pursued in the English – and thing teaching. Educational material for the second class there is also published by Brivo. Brivo flies around the world Africa”there in bookstores or directly from the Publisher at

Psychological Counselling


Parents diploma as assistance in education matters as raise I my child, what rules are useful and which is the best language support? With graduating parents, Turkish-born mothers acquire valuable support in the education and in dealing with their children. Now, the training offer, a cooperation of the Association of Turkish parent federal and the psychological counselling of the Diakonie, will be further expanded because of the enormous interest. A new course in the Calvin House will begin in February. The demand was so great that we had to put some on a waiting list last time”, says Abu Ali Yavuz, Chairman of the Turkish of Association of parents. The current course is fully booked with 14 women. Since October 2008, the participants exchange here on education issues and learn a more conscious, quieter and geduldigeren dealing with their children. A special feature of the parents diploma lies in the composition of the course direction, which is occupied by a Turkish and a German. The Turkish-born Selma Aslan runs the course with Manuela Krancioch bulk of the psychological counselling office.

Aslan knows many cultural differences in education and can help to overcome existing language barriers. Krancioch bulk is familiar through their work in various areas of the Diakonie with different institutions and can give more points of contact if necessary. All courses are held therefore bilingual, in Turkish and German. Both cultures complement each other so well. Born is the concept of the backpack project”, a language project for children from migrant families. We want to achieve with projects like these, that the parents more intensively deal with their children, aware they respond”reported Dr.

Siglinde Naumann, who has taken over the management of the psychological counselling office in October 2008. The doctorate education researcher and psychotherapist has, which will expand work with migrants and to extend the offer. Another focus of activity should be sure to accompany a separation in their parents being parents and to support. Interested parties are invited to inform the psychological counselling office under (02304)-939370. Applications for the next parents diploma in February can also be using this telephone number.