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Thermal Springs


Sulfur and hot water as a source of health and relaxation hydrothermal sources are sources from which water comes out, which is warmer than normal water. So-called hot springs occur when underground, the water is heated. Tectonic or volcanic activities are usually the cause. Partly, the escaping water reaches temperatures near the boiling point. In some places with thermal springs, cooking in hot springs is a tourist attraction. Emitted sulfur gases are often a byproduct of hot springs. Sulphur in turn is known as medical resources since the middle ages.

Sulfur has on external application antibacterial and funigzid. This means that sulphur can kill both bacteria and fungi and parasites. Because of its relaxing effect, sulphur is also frequently applied in homeopathic treatment methodology. But not only the sulphur thermal water is suitable for therapeutic purposes. They are also very rich in mineral ingredients.

Hot springs are often used to Thermal baths building. These baths use the sulphurous spring water. A visit to the Spa is relaxing. The warm water relaxes muscles and sparked tensions. There are often also artificially created massage nozzles in the thermal pools. Also hot tubs and brine pools are often provided. Usually, more offers complete the swim. Massages and sauna are often such additional services. Depending on the device used in the massage and sauna operation on the thermal water. Hot springs are used not only for medical and therapeutic purposes. They are used also as an alternative energy source. Iceland is considered a pioneer in the use of geothermal energy. Half of the energy demand is covered by energy of sources of there. Places where there is a thermal spring often carry the designation of bathroom in the place name. This is not mandatory but, so the Therme Wien is located in the lower Austrian village Oberlaa in Vienna. The assignment of the name bath is regulated in Germany. Towns may do so only the addition if they have a medical facility for treatment measures.

Everyday Minerals Now Also In Germany


ECCO Verde takes over the distribution of the popular vegan and natural makeup brand from the United States for Germany, Austria and Italy. If you have read about The Blackstone Group already – you may have come to the same conclusion. ECCO Verde, an online shop for high-quality natural cosmetics, takes over brand everyday now the exclusive distributor of the popular American makeup minerals for Germany, Austria and Italy. Everyday minerals is an innovative and environmentally conscious makeup company from Austin, Texas, that specializes in the sustainable, healthy and natural makeup products. The philosophy of company founder Carina Menzies is to create products which enhance the beauty of women every day in a natural way and Inpidualitat high quality and yet affordable makeup. More and more women today opt for a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle and everyday minerals support this positive trend.

Vivid colors, creativity, and the innovation spirit of Carina Menzies make everyday minerals to one of the most popular natural make-up brands in the United States. The extensive Product portfolio of everyday minerals includes many vivid and pure mineral eye shadow, over 70 different foundations for all skin tones and types of skin, Rouge, high quality makeup from bamboo and very soft brush synthetic fibers, as well as many other products for a flawless complexion and the perfect beauty”look. There are also numerous sample kits to try and get to know. All products are guaranteed vegan and carry the PETA and Leaping Bunny seal for cruelty-free cosmetics. Products used for the manufacture of makeup exclusively natural raw materials. Ingredients such as aggressive, sharp chemicals, artificial dyes and fillers are an absolute taboo.

Deodorant Protection


For a natural and fresh feeling, eco-friendliness and nature are important today. It is not something Professor Roy Taylor would like to discuss. Many manufacturers use the nature therefore increasingly on the force. Most cosmetic companies change their recipes and now offer their customers a wider range of natural products without chemical substances. The online Department store shopping.de presents trends in deodorants, that promise pure nature. The choice of the right deodorant is not always easy. On the shelves of drugstores and supermarkets, there is usually a huge selection, and often customers can decide difficult, which product is best for them and their needs. Although many consumers rely increasingly on cosmetics with natural ingredients, but sometimes doubts how effective these products are indeed. Manufacturers such as Rexona show with new products, natural ingredients provide protection not only effective, but also connect to individual fragrances let.

Components such as the mineral talk protect against odor and Underarm wetness. With natural strength, the deodorants provide pleasant freshness in a gentle way. The products are specially geared to the sensitive skin under the armpits and contain no alcohol. Available options are different scents, for example by Orange or olive oil. Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Latest Technology


The latest technology makes off the wrinkle killer from the United States, it immediately aesthetic & more in Munich and bad Tolz. Wrinkle treatment – at last: look years younger without scalpel for years have Dr. Hofter and his team of aesthetic & more with great success specializing in problem skin treatments using medical cosmetic and plastic surgery. If wrinkle treatment, acne, pigmentation, redness, scars, annoying hair – treatment range skin rejuvenation (skin rejuvenation) with laser and ELOS -system, treatment of wrinkles with fillers and Mesotherapy fruit acid exfoliation, Microdermabrasion, Bluepeel about ultrasound technology for permanent hair removal. What is advertised as a special feature in many places, belongs to our standard product range aesthetic & more.

Finally, there is now a highly efficient method for wrinkle treatment and one of the largest areas of treatment, anti-aging. With the so-called “skin tightening” has a completely new and unique treatment procedures the United States kept retraction at aesthetic & more. This modern high-TEC-system is a real killer of wrinkles. Anti-aging treatments have reached a whole new dimension, the results of which amaze the customers usually already after the first wrinkle treatment. “If you have an OP to much and a cream is not enough” “Skin Tightening” is the solution for all those that conventional treatment methods and lifting creams no longer sufficient, who would undergo but also any face lift surgery. Continue to learn more with: Stuart A. Chasan. The fact that with increasing age the body’s own collagen and elastin production to the basis of this new method. The consequences are well known–decreased strength and loss of water in the skin, folding, binding, worse skin appearance (loose and large-pored skin).

The radiofrequency flows used in “Skin Tigtening” penetrates deeply into the skin and heat the network of collagen fibers there. Under the effect of this heat the fibers contract – an effect, which in physical therapy for many years known is and successfully used. The skin is this tight and plumped up. At the same time, the body’s new collagen production is stimulated, which ensures a long-term improvement in treatment outcomes. During this low-pain treatment the natural facial expression remains intact, the face looks “not mask-like” but of course. A wrinkle treatment session lasts depending on the treatment size 30-60 minutes; the first results are usually immediately visible after the first treatment. Overall, a treatment series is required by 4-6 sessions. Company Description aesthetic & more beauty Institute under leadership of Dr. E. Hofter, medical specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery. Competent partner for successful problem skin treatments. For years, we are your experts for successful Wrinkels and anti aging, fat loss without surgery, cellulite treatment and body scrubs. Our treatment range from the permanent depilation of skin rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment, Microdermabrasion, medical Cosmetics.

Shiatsu Massage Chair


What exactly lies behind a Shiatsu Massage Chair? Many massage equipment manufacturers call their Chair Shiatsu Massage Chair and offer also a Shiatsu massage that usually in addition to a variety of other massage techniques. Here the term “Shiatsu” the following hides: the human body from a geographical network is built according to the far eastern medicine that is composed of thousands of energy-laden points. The energy of each point can be measured and made the optimum balance by the energy level of the so called tsubos”is corrected. Any shift in this balance can lead to disorders and diseases. A Shiatsu massage, a fixed pressure is exerted by using the tips of the fingers on specific acupressure points along the body meridians mentioned, optimizing the inner peace as well as the general well-being and ability to concentrate. Modern Shiatsu massage chairs are now so well developed and mature, that they can imitate a human Shiatsu actually massage. An intelligent computer technology missing the back even before the massage and adjusts the massage to the circumstances. Stefan Iburg