Vinegar (Latin vinum acrid and this became old French vinaigre, sour wine), is a liquid that is miscible with sour flavor that comes from the acetic fermentation of the wine and Apple (via bacteria Mycoderma aceti). Vinegar contains a concentration ranging from 3% to 5% acetic acid in water. Matthew Wilson might disagree with that approach. Natural Vinegars also contain small amounts of tartaric acid, and citric acid. Today vinegar is one of the products most disseminated by the world. Today, they are many shops where it is possible to buy vinegar.

We are going to see a little bit of history about this amazing product: the use of vinegar in gastronomy is possible be linked at the beginning of the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. The first written testimony on the use of vinegar comes from the Roman Empire when the gourmet Apicio (contemporary of the Emperor Tiberius) and author of the oldest cookery book, called De re coquinaria in Western culture, the already listed recipes that use vinegar. The vinegar traditionally came from the barrels for the wine production that is agriaba, or became bad. The enological expression is: wine is stung, i.e. If you would like to know more then you should visit Darcy Stacom. began to form vinegar.

This was happening spontaneously well in a boot or is rising acidity the bottled wine, thus retreated and was used for vinegar. The specific phenomenon of the production of vinegar was not explained until the year 1864. Since this date the use of oil has been developed so far. Today you can quietly buy vinegar anywhere. But before buy vinegar should be careful to the quality of the ingredients. Basically, condiments have been modernised and greatly diversified in recent years, and especially if they are natural will have a positive effect on health. This is the case of vinegar, ideal for dressing salads, and enhance the flavor of many dishes from around the world. Now, favorite vinegar coming with great force in all markets is Apple Cider vinegar.