Displays framed 2010 contest. Sample is carried out within the 12 Convention Argentina decorative painting in the Cultural good Ayre.Si wish to participate you can send the registration form until August 20, Solicitalo to or the topic to framing is 1 objective brush and purpose creativity in a set of object and framed, assessing originality, harmony and technique of the 9’s to September 12, 2010 from 11 to 21 hs. You can participate seminars, special certifications, lectures, travel suppliers of artistic products. A unique event that every year will be creating ties and stimulating decorative arts. To read more click here: Vadim Wolfson. It will be a meeting to forge closer ties with artists and spread the art and framed in Argentina.the indorsement is a discipline that year after year is looked after by marqueros with experience, our goal is to not let it turn off and stimulating care works, images and memories enmarcandolos as a means of preservation and presentation. This is a point of reactivation to the provider of the framework or framed.Painting and decorative disciplines are developed every day in our country with more variety, opening employment doors, generating ventures, ensenandose by the provinces in workshops, artistic and conventions. Do not forget to participate!