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GeMax Extends


Two new branches for Germany in addition to the headquarters in Kassel there are already 17 advisory offices of the GeMax success network in Germany and Austria. As of August 2011 counts GeMax network of the success-oriented hotels and restaurants now have two more branches, one in the North and one in Western of Germany, to his repertoire. . These are represented by the advice of the newly gained GeMax coaches Michael Rose and Andreas Rietz in Bad Fallingbostel and Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. The experienced consultants qualified including through long-standing working in management positions in the hotel industry and gastronomy, as well as by their specialization for GeMax partners relevant core areas for the network. Michael Rose, GeMax coach as of 01.05.2011, is a trained chef, Certified Business Economist in the hotel and restaurant trade, instructor after Bella and German wine consultant. For even more opinions, read materials from Cardiologist. He has Hamburg and la mer Hamburg Landhaus Scherrer on activities in the Botheler country house, among others. As Managing Director of McDonald’s in the Luneburg Heath and managing partner of Kaiser weather-food in Hamburg he has qualified among others in the field of concept development and market introduction. At GeMax, Michael Rose covers management since May of this year, the main kitchen and F & B.

As a coach, consultant and seminar speaker, he focuses on the development of food and recipes. In addition, calculation, controlling and cost management and optimization and implementation of a comprehensive quality management fall in his area of responsibility. But that is not enough. More know-how in terms of future consultation units expects the more than 380 member companies of the GeMax success network. By the branch and branch office in Western of Germany, Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, GeMax from the 15.08.2011 welcomes a further industry specialists in the consulting team. Andreas Rietz is a Certified Business Economist for the hotel and catering industry and trainers after Bella. The trained Hotel specialist of his competence as a Deputy Director in the Novotel Mannheim as well as Director in several private hotels, the Novotel Bielefeld, Hapimag Braunlage & Winterberg at the Mercure Koln has acquired, and supports and advises the GeMax farms in the future in the focus on change, revenue – and yield management, as well as in the after sales marketing.

GmbH Service


Invested in further improvement of service quality In the tourism and leisure sector play deep views GmbH a permanent customer orientation as well as an above-average service a special role. In the competition for the guests continue front to have the nose, deep views GmbH participated ServiceQualitat Germany in Bavaria of the Bavarian hotel and Restaurant Association of the initiative and was successfully certified. A permanent customer orientation as well as an above-average service play a special role in the tourism and leisure sector. In the competition for the guests continue front to have the nose, deep views GmbH participated ServiceQualitat Germany in Bavaria of the Bavarian hotel and Restaurant Association of the initiative and was successfully certified. On October 13, Boris Plewa, accepted one of three managing directors of deep views GmbH, the certificate in the context of the third Bavarian quality day in Landshut.

The award was presented by Economy State Secretary Katja Hessel and N. BHG President Ulrich Brandl. With our high rope courses and our other services, we are among the largest and best-known outdoor companies in southern Germany. For us, it is clear that also the service towards our customers must be above average, explains Boris Plewa and added: it is not about to hang only an award on the wall have, but we want to do every day, so that our customers are satisfied go home. The measures necessary for the receipt of the certificate already began in the spring of this year. Together with the staff, all processes in the high rope courses and the management were documented, comprehensively reviewed and also improved in many respects. Especially Boris Plewa is pleased that all employees in the company have contributed something to do this: one was that we from the outset have integrated our employees and executives in the certification, very good decision, because now can identify everyone with the measures.

Delicatessen Ebrosia


“In the industry test of AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG: deli shipper Hamburg, 23.10.2013 for almost two decades come lovers, gourmet and of good taste” on the Internet at their own expense. Anyway the food trade on the net still not like other industries is thriving. For lovers of wine, cheese & co. worth a visit in the online market of some finer kind yet”. In addition to the freshness and quality of the goods are also a user friendly Web site, expert advice, and reasonable prices by significant role for shopping on the Internet. What delicacies suppliers in terms of service, product range and customer loyalty convince shows AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG in the latest industry test. In the District of tested Delicatessen shipper Gustini, DELINERO, gourmondo.de, ebrosia and Gourmantis meet. To assess who clearly prepares its range and its services, the websites of the test participants in the trial were made.

Land up on Gourmantis, which good truncates this heading, all candidates with a very good, though ebrosia that TOP grade achieved. In the test of customer support varied during the mentioned mystery calls and e-mail messages strongly the advice: However, gourmondo.de as Gourmantis also have reserves, give the employees of ebrosia and and Gustini full throttle. The DELINERO team not only offers the best customer service, but got also the coveted seal of TEST winner for quality of service. Also the analysis team of AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG has, examine the Delicatessen experts estimate the feedback of their buyers, and with what intensity you can use social networks as communication channels. “When it comes to customer retention a different activity revealed itself: while Gustini, DELINERO, and Gourmantis in their commitment of air upwards” have, ebrosia and gourmondo.de with very good performances stand out. Regards the comparison of the product range on the basis of samples, as well as the provided order conditions, Gourmantis asserts itself as a winner. All online providers at a very good overall up good scores in the Industry test, and ebrosia the most rating stars reaps is drawn as a winner in the overall score.