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Revolutionary Breakthrough


After 16 years of intensive research in laboratories, and numerous practice tests and field trials, the company managed to produce Remmers absolute breakthrough in silicate technology. For the first time it became possible to develop products with unusually high resistance, which in this case are simple and application availability in the price. New silicate technology far superior to all previously used materials such as epoxy resin or cement. The company has developed two Remmers proven in practice the product – a solution to fill the joints Remmers SF 1 and the sealing slurry Remmers SD 1 – using the revolutionary technology of silicate. The results achieved in practice, can be called stunning. This is a huge advantage Remmers be able to use in the future, bringing to market new products developed based on silicate technology. Follow others, such as Dean Ornish M.D, and add to your knowledge base. Today we use the technology of tomorrow! Intensive long-term studies silicate Unique technology produces a revolution in the construction industry solution seams Remmers SF 1 Diversity of applications due to revolutionary technology of silicate coatings with ceramic tiles are subjected to high mechanical stress, for example, when cleaning under high pressure and extreme temperature or abrasive sanding loads.

In most cases there are additional aggressive as the pressures caused by the influence of acids, alkalis, oils, fats, etc. Conventional joints conjunction with such impacts can not stand for long and quickly lose strength. Remmers SF 1 is a lot to fill the joints, designed for extreme loads. Remmers SF 1 can equally easily be used in a variety of areas and conditions. Seams without any effort and difficulty filled with a solution within a short time react with water. Cleaning the dirt from the tile is made without the addition of detergent and at a temperature of +2 C. Industrial kitchen facilities Food Drink And best of all: After a short time, the treated surface can be used, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

New Hardware


Door handles, window hinges … USC wanted to know more. Things are simple, well-known. All of them know all is said and written about them all. It would seem. But market relationships are forced to fight for the manufacturers of accessories of its customers.

Growing competition forces the designers to look more and more new ways to improve the attractiveness, reliability and functionality of its products. The word "quality" is a collective term describing competitiveness of goods. The notion that exhausts all the required consumer properties possessed by each product. It is clear that in determining the quality of any goods, and in this case, accessories for windows and doors, there are officially adopted standards by which the end user can be insured because it will receive low-quality goods. The main producers of fittings for windows, leading to markets in Europe and Turkey, have Quality Certificate DIN ISO 9001, as well as Certificates of Conformity Russia. To present products to the Russian domestic market, these certificates are sufficient. But Manufacturers wishing to qualitative growth, have their own testing centers for product testing and all, without exception, hardware components for functionality, durability and longevity. Today, the list of companies that support such research include Dr.Hahn, Aubi, Anuba, Savio, Domus, Makedonik, Security Lock, Roto, Maco.

Installed in test centers in these companies of functional control over the quality, allow at atmospheric impacts and extreme loads on the product, identify gaps and shortcomings in the design stage of control. Simultaneously, the test for functionality and durability. Already in the stages of the selection of raw materials special requirements. All this allows manufacturers of window and door hardware to guarantee the consumer 10 or more years of reliable operation of the hardware more than 40 thousand cycles of opening and closing for the window and door hardware 100% protection against corrosion of the modern type of fittings in demand by many manufacturers of windows and doors from PVC, aluminum and wood of different types of opening (turning, swing-out, folding), and various geometry (rectangular, arched, segmental, trapezoidal, triangular). Today, consumers and manufacturers of windows and doors draw attention to the following points: the maximum function with minimum details and elegant appearance of universality of aluminum windows, ease of installation, simplicity and increased range of adjustments – "soft" and smooth operation of high-availability protection from hacking, smooth movement of the sash in the desired position without great effort, the presence of the manufacturer's warranty for 10 years