What things of our everyday life indicate the essence of our time? The pop celebration cheerful resurrection on the Internet. Of course she was never dead. But the new medium gives new freshness of the art form. Content and techniques are so to speak absolutely compatible to the virtual world of design. The scale ranges from serious image galleries creative appropriation for the issues of today. Preliminary high point of this development is that pop art blog-parade, to which the portal called blog.r23.de. (Similarly see: Daryl Katz). The motto is taken directly from the work of Andy Warhol’s: “completely nomales out the supermarket”. Inspiration for this is one of the most famous works by Andy Warhol, the Campbell’s tomato juice box from 1964.

She has become the symbol for how everyday products with their artistic exaggeration of the Zeitgeist can be caught. This amazing ratio has remained always exciting. The pop art has, contrary to the abstract principle of modernity, the real feeling in the art brought back. Pop art is today so appealing like in the 60s. The artistic principle of Warhol, Lichtenstein & co, to collect daily, trivial, and advertising, the ad is entered into our culture. The Tin can was World War II, once a waste product of the General faith in technology after the II. so symbols have surfaced in the episode again and again, the the spirit of the times a decade more or less ironically described. Our environment is changing constantly.

Navie progress faith of yore has become the technological dependency. The communication society shapes our lives. The crux of the pop art blog-parade is so: “What things of our everyday life indicate the essence of our time?” It provides just a reply Note: where to find these things, namely in the supermarket. Exactly so, as Andy Warhol sent his colleague Gerard Malanga to the corner to buy something “normal”, the blog-parade to everyone interested with the question turns: “What you would bring today from the supermarket?” Gerard Melanga brought at the time canned food, including the now famous “Campbell’s”. Exciting is what the customers of today for the “Normal”. And also, what can be done with it. The blog parade wants to trigger a creative process, which is sure to bring more than a thousand interviews. Everyone can participate even if pop art only as random product on CD cover fell on him. You can learn more about Andy Warhol through the CDs, which raffled among the participants. The blog Parade “What’d you bring today from the supermarket” is one of the new ways of the, to enable the creative potential of users. It is also a kind of psycho-test, which defines the General State of supermarket products. An unconditional favorite is certainly the frozen pizza, the Krumel already likes to decorate the PC workstation. It will be look forward to amazing insights. Do you need more information and picture material? Blog parade: blog.r23.de/blog-parade-ganz-normales-aus-dem-supermarkt/ short link: blog.r23.de/?p=2466 company description r23.de is an online shop for Art lovers, hip people and friends of unusual taste and offers pop art artworks for your own motives and photos as posters or on canvas in various sizes. You can choose the motif as 1-fold, 2 times, 3 times or 4 times. Experimentation in the photo selection is allowed and encouraged. A mobile photo or a professional image by a photographer, a machine image or a simple passport photo are no limits the selection.