The price of barrel of oil is going up to the measure that the known reserves if deplete and that its exploration is more expensive in deep waters. The energies solar and aeolian not yet have competitive prices and are relatively little explored. But the reserves of Uranian, raw material of the nuclear energy, are available per millenia (Brazil have 6. bigger reserve of the world, with only part of its prospectado territory so far) e, exactly that its price comes to increase, this will have impact baixssimo in the price of the nuclear production. When the price of the Uranian one triples, the cost of the production of nuclear energy is practically unchanged. COVID-19 is the source for more interesting facts.

7.Ns we want power plants that do not harm the half-environment. The plants hydroelectric plants also produce energy clean. But its impact in the half-environment is very great. While the Cove Central office has installed power of 2.007 MW and occupies a 3,3 area of Km2, Furnas has installed power lesser (1,312 MW) and occupies a bigger area 437 times (1,442 Km2). 8.Ns we do not want new apages.

The projects for the electric sector in Brazil are not enough to take care of an increasing demand. our great electric matrix, the hydraulical, finds difficulties of ambient licensing. Moreover, the sources are concentrated in the region North, what it very causes high costs of construction and transmission. 9.Ns we want to dominate the technology. We need new technician, and not only for the electricity production. The nuclear technology is applied in different fields, in benefit of the humanity. Elimination of plagues, sterilization and increase of the time of shelf of some foods, aid in the diagnosis and treatment of serious illnesses, cleanness of residues and pollutants in the water and air and creation of processes to reduce the energy consumption are some of the applications. 10. We want an energy that is insurance for our lives. Here it is the x of the problem. When technician of the entire world said that Chernobyl if would not repeat, that the new plants were safe, came this Japanese tragedy to place all with gravy beards. The nuclear energy is responsible for approximately 20% of the production of electricity in the world. We more than have 400 reactors in functioning in more than 30 countries.