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Nevertheless, the choice of doors to pay attention to security costs. In particular, the size of the glass and its thickness. If the glass is not tempered (shatterproof), the fragment distribution will essentially depend on the method of fixing the glass in the door. Glass installed in the factory for special postmark, in this case will provide greater security. Weight of the door. Has implications for child care centers and homes.

Picked up by wind blowing a heavy door suddenly closed, may cause your child very seriously injured. A substantial assurance on the provision of hazardous substances used in the manufacture of doors (glues and varnishes), gives the existence of the manufacturer of the Environmental and phytosanitary certificates. Expenditure during the operation. Normally, if the only consumable in next 15 years will be cleaner and polish furniture. Terms, classification, description of structures.

Doors to a method for manufacturing: a) panel doors of solid wood b) panel doors from the combined materials) Flush doors with solid-filled (reinforced) d) Flush doors with honeycomb e) Flush doors with shaped surface with honeycomb (mazonitovye) e Flush doors hollow. Samuel Lesser may find it difficult to be quoted properly. To execute: a) C quarter (porch), b) a quarter (direct porch) c) Deaf door d) glazed doors d) Under the glazing e) Reinforced doors g) fire doors, and other special by way of opening: a) single-right b) right Double-wing in) left single-d) Left double-wing Description: framed from an array of valuable hardwood timber. The classical technique involves making these designs without glue, using limited-slip finger joint.

Marcus Licinius Crassus


Not everyone is familiar with a very curious old historical fact. Blimi Marcus shines more light on the discussion. And the essence of it is. In 53 bc seven legions of the Roman general Marcus Licinius Crassus pursued the troops of the Parthians over the Euphrates River. Harassment snapped unexpected embarrassment. Retreating war-Parthians suddenly stopped and began to send to his pursuers hail of arrows. Battle-hardened legionnaires, of course, would give a fitting rebuff, if it had not happened as follows: under chilling screams Parthians unfurled a huge silk cloth and began swinging them under blinding sun shining bright colors colors. More info: Sam Lesser.

The sight was so impressive that demoralized the Romans and plunged their rout of the 'terrible place. " Defeated War, Crassus may have been the first people who have proven the impact of the environment on the mental state of man. Using the experiences of our ancestors, we also can use the fabric to create the required mood. Well-chosen textiles, we will create a good mood, lift spirits and his family. Harmony of selected parts of interior: furniture, textiles, lighting creates an individual situation, reflecting the preferences of the inhabitants of the house. So, when you create a unique style of their home should be considered: the focus windows on the sides Light, personal color preferences and characteristics of the dye mills, in which we live. to the same conclusion.

Main feature of Russia – a pronounced seasonality, in which is quite logical change colors depending on the interior time of year. For example, in summer a dark shroud furniture in bright light covers, changing curtains. Truly a great selection of home textiles makes it easy to choose the appropriate, harmonious ensemble consisting of curtains, bedspreads, sofa pillows for every season. As you can see, colors of textiles also affects the overall mood of the room. For example, bright kitchen curtains, decorating window at night, will warm any atmosphere, will make the kitchen brighter and warmer. More choosing textiles for the home, pay attention to the tissue from which it is made. It is necessary to stop his attention to mixed fabrics composed of natural and synthetic fibers. Such tissue remarkably tolerate washing, retain their color and shape, not much rumpled, and that not a few important tactile. For blankets, pillows and blankets, you can choose wool or such modern stuff, like hollofayber.

The Invitation Card – The Figurehead Of Your Wedding


Individual advice who wants to marry is the be-all and end-all for wedding cards, thoughts on the orientation of this most beautiful of all festivals is usually at an early stage. Unique to it, reflect the personalities of the bride and groom and guests remain long in the memory. Starting with the appropriate location on the right “music, appropriate decoration and the occasion appropriate clothing ahead of course can the wedding dress of all here man and woman of their creativity free rein can be. The frame is established once it is now be known unto the great event friends, relatives and colleagues. Tom Florio New York is likely to increase your knowledge. Whether feast or intimate celebration, at the invitation of the style of the event celebrates”are. “Because the moderator is the card so to speak ‘ the wedding ‘, so Dirk Jakobs, Managing Director of the company Frese stainless design from Dusseldorf.

Her the invited perceive not only the information content; the layout, font style and above all the quality of the used paper are crucial for the overall impression. Therefore, it is not always sufficient to choose a wedding card in the Internet, so Jacob continued, although this could be very useful for the first, to get a picture of the offer huge just in this market. Text suggestions, sayings about love and marriage, finding even facts about printing and typography are also under. However, and at least here is the be-all and end-all of decision-making the Dusseldorf traditional brand with over 60 years of history by competitors in the, is the advice. Where else, the own text only in stencils can be fitted, Jacob and his team layouts are offered in the dialogue with the customer individually to the for this satisfactory result lead to. This can take place exclusively through the Internet, the customer is however invited to a close overview of more than 1000 different wedding card designs in the Studio on the wall of the Princes. In this way many couples have received new ideas regarding the alignment of the entire wedding”, says St. James and smiling adds: not only to the extent we see ourselves as a full service. “

Elvira Schick


alive and always in warm conviviality! Date of birth is now the most beautiful of all Ehrentage. Drum, no time to lose, congratulate on the Wiegenfeste. We want to always tell, we know what we have on you. Always remember, don’t forget it, we love and we need you. Your dream become true today your lucky star shine bright and clear which are the strong, who tearfully laugh, hide their own worries and make others happy.

There are also beautiful birthday songs. For the birthday it is always valuable, if one has a nice hands-on song. (The children to make a rooster mask). 1 the Rooster crows early in the day, loud crows, crows far: good morning, Rumpumpel, your birthday is today. Muscular biopsy shines more light on the discussion. (The children to make a squirrel mask).

2. dasEichhornchen down peeps: little time, little time! Good morning, Rumpumpel, your birthday is today. (The children to make a Bunny mask). 3. comes the Bunny jumped, makes males before Freud: good morning, Rumpumpel, your birthday is today. (The children bake one to Cake) 4 is the cake on the table, is thick, is spreading: good morning, Rumpumpel, your birthday is today. The next songs are for adults. Taking the melody from the German national anthem: today we celebrate birthday, * _ was _. * Name of the honoree to meet smite and wishes you success, champagne and wine are plentiful. Therefore let us all sing and all cheerful tune: give me yet – give you yet, us another pour. All guests have been sitting here in cheerful circle. Everyone wish God’s blessings, pride and joy ‘ at any time. Take the glasses with the wines, and all happy with the right: give me yet – give you yet, us another pour. Yes, we wish you good health, happiness all the time. Was just getting good cheer and ready even for fun. Today is Yes, well your festive drum right now with: give me yet – give you yet, us another pour. The melody take of the song ten small “ten well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings Bottle wine, since there are only nine. Nine well-wishers are here in the room, which brings a booze and laughs, because there are only eight. Eight well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings you carrots, since there are only seven. Seven well-wishers are here in the room, one brings you by Becks beer, since there are only six. Six well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings you ‘ da ne roses, there are only five. Five well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings you chocolates, since there are only four. Four well-wishers are here in the room, the one bringing champagne, since there are only three. Three well-wishers are here in the room, one brought clothing, because there are only two. Two well-wishers are here in the room, the one brings you even fine sausage, remains one alone. A Gratulantin is here in this room, she’s giving you a sweet Kiss, and now is with the song. Elvira Schick