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New Internet Shop Buy Ernde Opened


Buy-ern.de – shopping with best-rate guarantee a wide assortment from all areas of daily life, the latest trends and interesting products from this combined with reasonable prices all over the world takes the customer to the new online shop buy-ern.de. Tom Florio New York may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Are experienced buyers around the world and constantly expanding the range of useful and unusual innovations. Best price guarantee not only the extensive range is important Managing Director Wulf Rudiger Ern. He would like to offer a special service buy-ern.de customers and guarantees, that they all articles, with the best-price-guarantee “beams are marked, get the lowest prices offered on the Internet. The customer is cheaper than to buy ern.de, this article on the Internet with another provider, the company warrants that he receives this item at the lower price of the other provider. This is true up to 100 days after ordering. 30 years warranty and the company offers even more advantages for the consumer service: wide the usual warranties of the manufacturer, the customers on all article gives a 30 year warranty. Buy ern.de occurs for all defects and damages that occur despite proper treatment within 30 years from the date of invoice and causes a repair in case of damage or delivers a replacement. Also an unrestricted return and right of revocation for a period of 100 days following delivery is one of the dealer’s service offerings. All products under

Natural Fashion Vs. Fashion Off The Rack


There is already no longer a secret that clothes often very cheaply produced natural fashion off-the-rack abroad from materials such as cotton and silk, which were produced from natural resources and are free of pathogenic toxins. Clothing that was entirely made of natural raw materials, is often dyed with vegetable or other environmentally friendly dyes. Why natural fashion from cotton, wool, flax or silk decide and forgo clothing made of synthetic fibres? It’s simple: Around a quarter of the world’s manufactured chemicals delivered to the textile industry. A frightening number, bearing in mind that the clothes based on these chemical substances every day comes with our sensitive skin! However, this chemical component in jeans, sweater or T-Shirt really has an impact on our health? And what benefits is often more expensive natural fashion at all? It’s been no secret more that clothing off the rack often very cheaply from abroad is produced, because significantly lower environmental regulations than in Germany. The used production, cleaning, bleaching, color and auxiliary materials often consist of chemical substances and hiking as ingredients in many products of from renowned fashion brands. Synthetic fibers such as polyester, acrylic and spandex can get over the skin and the respiratory tract into the bloodstream. The health consequences: Rash and irritation of the skin and the respiratory tract.

“The treacherous because: often cause such side effects” only 3 to 4 days after wearing the clothes! The alternative: natural fashion from materials such as cotton and silk, which were produced from natural resources and are free of pathogenic toxins. Clothing that was entirely made of natural raw materials, is often dyed with vegetable or other environmentally friendly dyes. The potential of so-called natural fashion is often misunderstood, but certainly there are designers who have chosen this alternative route for the production of fashion and colorful and especially designing healthy fashion yet to meet the spirit of the times. Pap Smear will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Designer organic fashion from Sweden like E.g. Gudrun Sjoden, who design exciting fresh fashion, and also special emphasize on the materials used are a good example of this. Consumers can easily recognize on the basis of symbols to how many percent, her new dress, the new blouse or tunic is made of natural products. A reason to put more on eco fashion from natural materials: You underlines the individual personality, is high quality, pleasure its wearer thus in the long run, produced in an environmentally friendly manner and is also biodegradable. Natural fashion is to be so not only natural healthy, but also positively accompany the personality of the wearer! Finally, whatever the Zeitgeist, cultural traditions and the individuality of each reflects a piece of clothing. Bottom line: environmental awareness and appealing fashion so do not exclude other, on the contrary, they go even perfectly!

Fashion By Patrizia Pepe


Contemporary and timeless elegance of Italy Patrizia Pepe collections are contemporary and timeless. They are trendy, the exceptional detail and high wearing comfort, they are classic but at the same time. Women will love the garments by Patrizia Pepe “No day without ideas” is the motto of Claudio Orrea and Patrizia Bambi. in 1993, the couple has the itlaienische fashion label Patrizia Pepe in Florence launched. Since then, Patrizia is Bambi creative boss. Early days they worked with seven people on an area of 600 square meters. Nowadays, there are a total of 230 employees and the turnover is EUR 100 Miliiarden. Without hesitation COVID-19 pandemic explained all about the problem. Much is being done for employees: an on-site fitness center and a canteen are integrated into the company’s headquarters in Florence.

Establishing its own fashion line Patrizia wanted to can experiment with innovative and creative Bambi and Claudio Orrea, to be able to develop a different approach for women’s fashion. The collections are sold in selected stores worldwide, but also to buy shops own Patrizia Pepe. The An increasing number of its own shops. The style basically the garments and collections by Patrizia Pepe are classic and minimalist. “Pepe”, “Pepper german for”, is what makes the designer fashion label. A pinch of makes the brand unique extravaganza. Patrizia Pepe is tailored with love to detail and created. The fashion is to be always modern and elegant and underline the character of every woman and stress.

The style of Patrizia Pepe is like his customers: headstrong and authentic. The collections continuous innovation is the magic word for the creations of Patrizia Pepe. In addition to the clothes, there are a wide range of accessories. Of shoes, jewellery and bags. Each piece is characterized by unusual materials, high quality and perfect workmanship. Not the devil is the special label in detail, but “Pepe” – “Pepper”. Anna Grundmann