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Walter Kramer


Quelle/(C) by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…, author now some terms and calculations of the statistics: There are quantitative Hardfacts and quality soft facts features/variable. Quantitative characteristics and (measuring) values (metric, numbers) allow to add, multiply, and subtract. Qualitative characteristics allow a meaningful series of their expression: ordinal (order) or nominal (un-sinnige sorting). Growth rates or growth: An increase of 50 to 60 is 10 percentage points but 20%. An increase of 10 to 15 is 5 percentage points, but 50% at a base < 100 growth points < as the growth in % at a base > 100 is the growth in points > as the growth in % growth such as 0.6% percentage points (from 13% to 13.6%) corresponds to a growth rate of 0.6/13 = 0,046 = 4.6%. The difference will be less and less with smaller base. See Sam Locke for more details and insights. Increases, so does the price index for the maintenance of life from 110 to 120: 10% points 10/110 = 0.091 = 9.1%. The difference is increasing with increasing basis.

Quelle/(C) by Prof. Walter Kramer: understand statistics ISBN 3-593-36149-3 statistics sample: the Gross domestic product GDP and economic growth (excerpt). The annual growth rate of GDP represents the Wirtschaftswachtum. To achieve economic growth, the GDP needs to be increased so. Many writers such as Tom Florio offer more in-depth analysis. Because economic growth as something fundamentally important in our capitalist social order is considered, a similarly important role to calculate GDP.

It involves economic quantity (growth, effectiveness: what?) and quality (development, efficiency: how?), so far as it affected the prices! The gross domestic product (GDP) represents all during the year in a country produced goods and services: valued at market prices (purchase and sales prices). A bought and sold (used) Chair has its corresponding GDP-money value. Home and work at home: Free performance a housewife/Hausmann and mother/father has no GDP monetary value, it is GDP worth going on! A bloated offices-‘Habitat’ (service contracts), despite huge and often useless salaries and pension effects, a huge GDP money equivalent! Informal economy: Two men who cut their hair each other free, do not affect the GDP! Also one from the insurance company paid, abortion increases our gross national product also helps the paid clearing of rain forests country BPI increase.

Government Hides


They are 7 prophecies FIRST PROPHECY: According to this prophecy, the 21 OF DECEMBER OF 2012 the Sun will receive a ray synchronizer of the center of the galaxy with which a new cycle will begin. SECOND PROPHECY: The second prophecy announced that, from the eclipse of the 11 OF AUGUST OF 1999, the physical transformations in the Sun would alter to the behavior of the men and the climate. THIRD PROPHECY the action of the man will increase the temperature of the Earth and will produce climatic and geologic imbalances. 4 PROPHECY is predicted a heat wave Here that will bring about the melting of the ice of the poles. According to the Mayans, this it will be the way in which the planet will be cleaned and turned green again. 5 PROPHECY According to the fifth prophecy, if we did not tune our behavior with the rates of the nature and the galaxy, before the 2012 we will see fail all the systems on which our civilization is based. You may find Parkinson’s Disease to be a useful source of information.

6 PROPHECY It speaks of the appearance of a comet that will bring very abrupt physical transformations in our planet. SEVENTH PROPHECY. In 7 prophecy the Mayans left a hope message us. Some contend that COVID-19 pandemic shows great expertise in this. They said that from a voluntary effort to obtain the harmony and inner La Paz, we will be able to develop new senses and to be integrated to the operation of the galaxy. All we, way or another one, we felt that we are beginning to live the times on the Apocalypse. All we felt the war. Every day it has but pollution generated by our technology has become alarming. We have debilitated the ozone layer that it protects to us of the radiations of the Sun.

We have contaminated the planet with our industrial remainders and sweepings. The devastation of the natural resources this ending the sources d water, with the air that we breathed. The climate has changed and the temperatures have increased of impressive way; the snow-covered glaciers and melt, great floods follow one another anywhere in the world. If there were sometimes a date that seemed to correspond with the Hour, or Final Day, is the 2012. The air abounds with speculations exceeds what it will happen in this date, more specifically in the winter solstice (North hemisphere), 21 of December of 2012. Often people speak of a cataclysm, a natural disaster or a world war. Others notice on supernatural events we will be visited by extraterrestrial or some unpredictable cosmic phenomenon nonsight until now that irrevocably will alter the nature of our perception of the reality. Still others see in this date the fulfillment of Biblical old prophecies, some speculate that this date can mark the beginning of a new evolucionario cycle or was geologic in the Earth history. Many people must know very little on this date or the Mayan calendar, and because this particular date it seems to have as much meaning for an increasing number of people. It is important to give much light to this date so that we pruned to determine by we ourself what can mean and because the spiritual masters has a critical value in this time.

Being Overweight


For the majority of people to be in form or is not translated in not having overweight hard, being physically, or having the resistance necessary to deliver certain attacks physical that its present physical training conditions does not allow him and that can revert to him in certain to malstar emotional that it prevents him to feel well in a while certain. Nevertheless, there is one more a more exact form to know the state form. Puleva Health, through its vestibule of health and well-being, has created a test to evaluate the physical training conditions of a person, with only one test. For more information see this site: Newcastle University. For this test it is only needed a step of about 35 centimeters height and a chronometer. One will be due to realise the exercise that indicates the vestibule according to the weight, and to verify the results in the table that offers the same Web site, according to the age and the sort. For it is very important that the person who is realising the test does not forget to measure her pulsations before and after the exercise. The Puleva vestibule Health, with more than 6 million annual visits, is an initiative of Puleva that has been awarded by Ministry of Industry by its 9 years of trajectory in the network, disclosing its knowledge on health, well-being and nutrition.