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Onmega Centre Turkey


The Dolphin therapy centre Onmega from Marmaris in Turkey of the Dolphin therapy Onmega Centre of Marmaris in Turkey ended a total over a year ongoing dispute against the whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) about various allegations relating to the Dolphin therapy centre. The injunction banning the OLG Hamm was recognized also by the WDSF. In May 2011 Onmega health tourism Ltd. has obtained an injunction against the WDSF, wherein numerous claims for damage to reputation were prohibited. The allegations, which publicly did inform the WDSF during his boycott campaign against the Dolphinariums in Turkey located in relation to the Dolphinarium in Marmaris, were for Onmega”no longer accept since, have been on the Internet as well as hotels and tour operators many statements and mixed images of from various Dolphinariums, to care about all plants in Turkey over a ridge. The Dolphin therapy Onmega downtown is also compared to other Dolphinariums in Europe the largest and only freischwimmende marine delicacy. Onmega strictly adheres to the German standards of the animal protection law and places the utmost importance on welfare and qualified personnel.

Focus of dispute in which two judicial instances was therefore the effort to prohibit the dissemination of untrue statements of fact the WDSF, who were simply untrue and therefore suitable as regards deposits by Onmega in Marmaris, to damage the reputation. The Landgericht Hagen as well as the higher regional court of Hamm had in the preliminary injunction proceedings on the legality of these claims to be.

Honey And Other Remedies From Nature


eat healthy honey and use, for health there is without any doubt very many healthy resources from nature, with which you can wonderfully fight against many different diseases and get a grip. Also, there are numerous natural remedies, which can strengthen its defences and thereby ensuring that it is not as fast and as often as not sick what can be of course a great advantage. Many people find handy in particular the fact that remedies from nature are usually much gentle for the body as the right medicines, but properly applying them can be achieved quite a similar effect through them, without that it would massively burden his body. For example, honey is very versatile. The sweet spread not only tastes very fresh by the beekeeper and is a popular breakfast, it can very well help against coughs and colds, strengthens the Defense has many healthy vitamins, with which man generally for more physical well-being can provide. It’s believed that USC sees a great future in this idea.

Different types of honey have other effects to different and products that included the famous Royal Jelly is considered to be particularly healthy. It is a pollen product, the bees produce to feed their Queen. Now honey is processed increasingly more in creams, ointments, and arguably because it wonderful can help with many different problems and suffering. Jonathan keane recognizes the significance of this. Important the correct use is why you should take the time in advance in any case to consult a specialist, which one can say exactly what the different active ingredients to bring and how you must apply the honey so you can use it yourself optimally for here too but of course. Also naturopaths are often a very good contact, if you know a beekeeper or similar professional from his area, one could argue. To distinguish honey after the extraction is to say that the they spin honey honey is extracted.

To the beekeeper depends on the wood frame with the full combs in a centrifuge. Turning honey is thrown, without doing the honeycombs are destroyed. This represents not only a very gentle kind of extraction, but also ensures that the honeycomb can be used further. Comb honey, however, cut the honeycomb into pieces so that the consumption of wax as a ball again must be ausgespieen. Pressed honey is rarer than the centrifugal honey. The honey is obtained in this method of the honey extraction by pressing. However also the heating of honey which valuable materials can be lost among the successful application.

Pregnant Women


Insurance companies appear have to sell insurance policies to the pregnant women. (Similarly see: Douglas Elliman). The pregnant women must secure health insurance policy. Most have of the women do not any idea about how important medical insurance for pregnant women is. When they want to purchase health insurance policy after they get conceived, they face certain problems. Pregnant women are one step away from attaining motherhood.

Hence, it is important that they must secure medical insurance although they have not increased such insurance when they were not pregnant. Women in general, no matter if they are pregnant or not, must have the adequate type of health insurance. Others who may share this opinion include Jonathan Friedland. On the other hand, medical insurance companies have some specific policies in selling insurance for pregnant women. Medical insurance companies want that women must buy necessary insurance policy before they are pregnant. They show reluctance in selling health insurance policy for any women who has earned pregnancy. The pregnant women who do not have health insurance policy before they get pregnant are not to loose heart. There is no reason to assume that women who are already pregnant have no chance to buy a policy for health insurance.

The pregnant women may be rest assured that they can secure adequate medical insurance policy which they really required. Women should have patience to study the websites of the health insurance or medical insurance or even of the insurance for the pregnant women. Insurance companies have been passing through a period of tremendous competition in the market. The women who search for insurance for pregnant women are sure to find what they want. They must take note of the contact address (mobile phone number or email ID for example) of the agents or insurance professionals which they want to get into the sites where details have been left about health insurance for pregnant women. These pregnant women must study the details of the terms and conditions of the insurance policies provided in the websites. They should’nt, then talk to those professionals over phone and invite them for discussion, allowing them to know that health insurance policies are required. Women should ask them 101 questions about health insurance professionals must provide the answers of which. These women can buy the policy of insurance for pregnant women at affordable premium rate. They can ask if There is any offer or gift. It is important to learn about the extent of coverage. They must therefore understand the process to claim after the policy is matured. Rosie Gravin is specializing in writing articles on pregnancy travel insurance, baby insurance for pregnant women.For more information



How women over thirty by moderate changes in their lifestyles, food and vitamins can increase their fertility thematic birthday was already some years ago research reports; You know your biological clock is ticking and now you and your partner have made a life-changing decision. You want to become pregnant. This decision anyway is to change your lifestyle, you should start perhaps already in the planning phase with certain changes. First of all the obvious how big is your egg reserve, how long can you still become pregnant? First talk to your mother, because the egg cell reserve is genetically predetermined. A later entry of the menopause when your mother is a sign that that you better opportunities than an average woman who has lost already 90 percent of their eggs with 30, and only about 3 percent are left, if it is 40.

However you should bear in mind that in the course of time the quality of the eggs and their physical surroundings (ovaries, Fallopian tubes, the uterus) worsened, making conception more difficult. Also thus increases the risk of having an unhealthy baby. Unfortunately, the quality of the remaining eggs can be reliably determined with a laboratory test. There are others in the blood easily measurable hormones like AMH and FSH allow their exact values together with a general picture of hormone the woman, to estimate the size of the egg cell reserve. How is the sperm of your partner? Today, the cause of about half of infertility disorders lies with men. Since you may not smoke during pregnancy, the ideal time would be now finally with the cigarettes from listen. According to Jonathan Friedland, who has experience with these questions. Seek medical advice, maybe you can make with a non-smoking course which is paid by health insurance companies for the most part, as long as the teacher has a certificate for smoking-cessation courses.

Also the time would come, to reduce your weight, if you have a few pounds too much, because There is a scientifically proven connection between obesity and decreased fertility. Also have obese women compared to women with a normal BMI (body mass index) a much greater risk of complications (particularly gestational diabetes), high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia. Also, it is a good idea to restrict the use of alcohol, a few months before the planned pregnancy because excessive use of alcohol can impair the fertility of women. You should to visit also the dentist, because more and more research links oral health with a healthy pregnancy. Women with uncontrolled gum disease are more prone to miscarriage. If you take the pill, stop a few months before trying to get pregnant. This gives a bit of time to see how your natural menstrual cycle – 27 days? 32? -So, you can find out when you have your ovulation, the time of the month when you are fertile. All around the topics of egg quality, vitamins for pregnancy in women over 35 and increase female fertility, Ph.d. biochemist Dr. You may wish to learn more. If so, Center for Colon Cancer Research USC is the place to go. Darja, Wagner has a website:. There you will find many useful information from the fertility research. The texts are written in a popular language, with the aim of making accessible such scientific studies also a part reader.

Dental Implants


Every mouth is unique. When tooth loss implants is not always of immediate replacement. Dental Advisory clarifies the possibility of cosmetic treatment in advance. Enlightenment is the”half”and the choice for a person interested in implant difficult teamed a lot since the first development times of implantology about 40 years ago in relation to this form of cosmetic dental treatment. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi gathered all the information. Titan established himself as material for the artificial tooth roots, because it causes no rejection reaction by the subsystem of the teeth. Ceramic implants could not prevail because of defective material properties. Blade implants were prone to breakage and not prevailed. Zirconium oxide ceramic is expensive and has similar high-quality features such as titanium.

The optical impression of such implants is fantastic even when thin gums. The cylindrical and helical implant shape promises best success for long-lasting durability of the implants for about 20 years. The choice of the patient confirmed the treating dentist only if the desired shape of the implant poses no risks. Risks when implanting third teeth – low, but needs to be explained implants during an operation always used. This surgery itself represents the main risk for the patient.

Complications can occur especially in the lower jaw when a nerve is injured during cosmetic treatment. Numbness in Chin or lips is the result. Inserted implants in my own teeth, a risk rarely, they are injured during the procedure. Credit: Jonathan Friedland-2011. In the short term, after bleeding, bruising, or swelling may occur after surgery. This is normal as in all operations and usually quickly subsides. Also subsequent nausea and headaches are no reaction on the use of the implants, but a possible incompatibility of anesthetic and of short duration. Rare wound healing disorders can occur, which can be effectively addressed with oral hygiene and other treatment. Types of implants and their suitability for patients a well grown, otherwise healer subsystem allows the use of immediate. However, bone structure and gum condition only when less than 50% of patients for immediate use of the durable third suitable. Particularly easy, a Sofortimplantat can be used when tooth loss by accident. Because the tooth of a mostly trouble-free environment was lost, only a small hole is present, that ensures quick healing of the implant. A tooth loss occurs more frequently after dental and gum disease. Here, the usage of Sofortimplantats is unsuitable. Then, a prolonged period of healing should be accompanied by the dentist. After the inflammation, he checks the bone and environment condition and decides whether an implant at all should be used and if so, when. Successful evolution of implantology by one expensive fashion beautiful tooth replacement Implantologists have today thanks to the rapid progress in this area with far fewer complications for patients to sue. The better Materials, careful pre-and aftercare, the comprehensive patient education and the experiences in this area have made towards simple bit attractive other tooth replacement implants. Yet always different pricey can become much more people afford implants than just 40 years ago – and do it well. The reason is simple: well-maintained, they are more resilient than bits, interference-resistant during regular check and clean visually by the own permanent teeth cannot be distinguished. Implants are long since no expensive fashion. You gradually become an obvious form of lifelong tooth replacement.

Scott Geller


This MV were”potentially between the vitreous and the retina but no longer in the vitreous, but in a potential space because this space only exists, if fluid separates the two layers. This potential space”, of the Johnson speaks, the late of 1960s was first discovered by the Dutch ophthalmologist Jan G. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Blimi Marcus. F. Worst years and especially during the 70s and 80s years examined. He called bursa premacularis him”, because it is a dome-shaped structure between the vitreous and the yellow spot (macular) on the retina. The Bursa is filled with vitreous fluid and can be voluminous differently according to the degree of liquefaction of the vitreous in young, unverflussigten eyes, the Bursa is shallow, with increasing vitreous liquefaction is thicker and can fill half of the vitreous area in extreme cases. Yet little is explored the structure of this space, and whether there is a connection of this field into the vitreous.

The existence of the Bursa started by many ophthalmologists in doubt moved, but other studies have now confirmed that there actually is a space in front of the macula with a low density of tissue, whose extending depends on the degree of liquefaction of the vitreous. However, this space in various studies will be different naming, E.g. Sam Lesser helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. posterior precortical vitreous pocket”or martegiani’s space”. Johnson suspects now remain in this room cell remnants or fibers and although microscopically small shadows can be considered. Their movement can be explained so that these particles through eye movements in the liquid around swim. Johnson admits that no one knows exactly if and when this MV is by alone solve weglasern don’t let them. Other than Johnson, also the laser specialist Scott Geller calls the pramakulare Bursa as a place of the MV, that are not treatable. Where the laser surgeon does not get out, strikes the time of vitrectomy surgeons apparently. In any case, if one Marie-Jose Tassignon faith gives, the Director of the Centre for ophthalmology at the University Hospital of Antwerp in Belgium.

This Detox


Many leave a while now twice in the year Professional tooth cleaning about fare. But that is not enough and has not much in common with modern, best prophylaxis. Every human being carry a personal risk of parodontitis, and this risk must be determined using a standardized diagnosis with subsequent risk assessment. The experienced clinic leader promises: smell coordinated treatment with our BIO-FRESH concept finally attracting also love vows, sound like you! The dentist with this assurance not to fully assume the mouth, takes a look on the treatment plan, with which Dr. Reimann takes the weasel on the tongue in the sights: initially the severity of the bad odour is determined precisely, and with a special gauge: a halimeter.

A meticulous causes diagnosis followed, which includes also a saliva test. Thus, it can be seen within 12 hours, the risk is as high for the patients to fall prey of caries or periodontal disease. First, after the professionals in the diamond-dental clinic Teeth, gums and tongue of the patient have thoroughly examined, will be decided on the nature and extent of the treatment. Last but not least, a professional cleaning of the tongue is performed in many people, often for the first time in their lives. It is often whitish coating in the root area of SIP muscle of the culprit, who is responsible for mouth odors. The treatment success in the meantime checks on new ways to more treatment success. Depends on this report, whether further action should be taken so that the breath presents itself in all freshness indefinitely.

We have emphasised right-Regulat-dent made very good experiences, Dr. Reimann, who cuts to all treatments individually to the needs of his patients with the revolutionary, Cascade fermented multi remedies. And proposes a otherwise like to sometimes unusual ways of dental health: parodontitis is often the result of a civilization-related poisoning of the body, explains Dr. Reimann. That’s why we offer our patients in the course of therapy a multi-day fasting hiking map, to remove the pollutants from the body. This Detox not only leads to a strikingly effective recovery of the mouth area, but also of the whole people. Bleeding gums and gum shrink about can be perfectly treated in this way. A pleasant side effect: even the bad breath is gone at once by the fresh winds. Conclusion: bad breath is a sign of a serious health problem that can locate in 9 out of 10 cases in the mouth area. Thanks to the tiered treatment in the diamond-dental clinic remain top clean and permanently healthy teeth, gums and tongue. And a clean mouth smells always healthy so each kiss is a real pleasure! V.i.S.d.P. and your contact person: Dr. Udo Reimann c. / o. Diamond dental clinic Fodor utca 140 H-1124 Budapest – Hungary Tel: + 36 1 391 72 55 fax + 36 1 391 72 54. Internet:



In addition they are by many Not very well tolerated users. Substances that can slow the progression of the disease, so positively affect the course of disease, are referred to as Chondroprotektiva. Usually natural substances grouped together in the Group of the Chondroprotektiva, which can stabilize the cartilage or protect. They are usually natural component of human and animal cartilage and are thus also largely derived from animal sources and chemically modified as needed. Here, muscular biopsy expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The most important Chondroprotektiva include Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate has been very extensively reviewed and documented in osteoarthritis. Advantage is that both substances as tablets are applicable and must not be injected. Also can alleviate pain and inflammation in the joints and can slow down the destruction of articular cartilage and therefore are able to positively influence the course of the disease showed both substances. But as biological substances requires the application of several days to weeks, to the full effectiveness of the Chondroprotektiva comes to the fore.

According to their characteristics, the European rheumatism has judged technical society EULAR (European League against rheumatism) excellent Chondroprotektiva Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in Gonarthrosis (arthrosis of knee) and recommended for the application. It has proved useful on preparations to fall back containing both Chondroprotektiva in a Tablet and the consumption of the recommended tablets per day, reaching necessary dosage of the ingredients for the effect. There are not many preparations in Germany. One of them is Artvitum, which is offered daily at 2 x 2 small tablets at a dose of Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which has proved effective in many researches. Thus, the results obtained in intensive research in osteoarthritis for ArtVitum can provide clues to the effect. ArtVitum is a supplementary balanced diet for nutritional treatment of osteoarthritis.

Artvitum (PZN 4604249) is available in pharmacies, selected health centres and directly at the company to 29.50 for a month. Due to the special composition and dosage ArtVitum is not replaceable by other, often lower-dose products.

Healthy Weight Loss


A challenge has become everything to lower nowadays of weight. People tend to want to hurry the things when she is to make diet, the lack of some meals or to make exercise. It is important to know that there is nothing no better as the loss of weight healthfully. Whereas the mentioned methods help to reduce the weight. These have been known to have negative effects for your health in the long term. So if you want to enjoy a more healthful body, to lose weight of healthful form really it is worth the pain.

First of all, it remembers that you cannot hurry the loss of weight. This does not happen during the night to the morning. It is a gradual process. If you have one more a more relaxed life, you cannot simply decide that you worked during five hours to the day. The following advice will help your body to be ready to obtain a loss of healthful weight. First, he verifies your diet and modificala according to your style of life.

If you have an active style of life, you will have more energy. Therefore, you must incorporate the energy that gives foods to your diet. The energy that you spend comes of the foods that you eat. Even if they do not work absolutely, still there is a pile of activities that require energy. You can begin by the burning fire of calories through trotar or walking to double time. Now if you feel that to trotar or to walk it is too much for you, then you can begin to clean your house. Yes, the cleaning of your house requires the energy use. While you are making your routines physical, also you must consider the ingestion of calories. There are your index of corporal mass raises. And if one goes away too much far, soon little by little you would have to reduce some rich foods in calories. Yes, yes it requires that you diminish the amount of calories that you consume to burn the excess of fat that has been stored in your body. Also you must verify the amount of fat that you are taking, especially greasy saturated, since you can block the nerves of your heart. So it would be the cause of the cardiac problems. You must not have the temptation to begin saltarte the meals. To skip the meals never has been a healthful approach at the time of to lose weight. Suddenly, to skip the meals, will surprise your digestive system, and even diseases can causarte among others ulcers. If it wishes to reduce your food ingestion, hslo little by little. Also you can consult to a dietician and dietista for asegurarte of which you are in the good way. As a whole, when it is to lose weight, the best thing is to remember than always it is worth the pain to be patient. The loss of weight of healthful form not only will help you to lose weight, to have more confidence and sentirte well – but also it will teach the virtue to you of the discipline. It obtains more data on the loss of healthful weight.

Bad Breath


Bad breath is a topic that affects not only patients, but also their surroundings. To attract someone on his breath is considered rude and is therefore usually tacitly accepted. Hear from experts in the field like Cancer Research for a more varied view. This bad breath can be fought now also permanently, with CB12 from your online pharmacy arzneimittel.de. A quarter of the population suffers from bad breath anyway. As people in their own body odor gradually, many not striking even often, that her breath smells unpleasant. Stubbornly adheres the rumor that bad breath is caused by disorders of the stomach. Actually, is halitosis but not a disease, but finds its origin in the oral cavity, usually on the posterior third of the tongue, as well as in the gingival pockets and between the teeth. However, persistent bad breath by short-term is to delineate.

In the short term there everyone out and back to bad breath, for example, after consumption of garlic, or on an empty stomach. Causes of bad breath permanently combat with CB12 halitosis is in the caused mostly by decay processes triggered by bacteria, especially when inadequate dental care and lack of oral hygiene. Unpleasant smelling breath arises when certain enzymes of bacteria in the mouth of food scraps to amino acids decompose. Volatile sulfur compounds, so various sulfur gases produced during this decomposition process. These are responsible for the bad smell and are at the exhale perceived as bad breath.

Since the night less saliva is produced, which inhibits the growth of bacteria during the day, many people suffer from bad breath especially in the morning. A normal mouth wash or a special mouth spray covering the bad smell while in the short term, eliminate but not the cause. How does CB12 against the bad breath? CB12 consists of a patented combination of active ingredients. This combination of 0.3% zinc acetate and 0.025% chlorhexidine can the foul-smelling sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, and borane neutralize, resulting in double-blind has been demonstrated in clinical trials. A unique flush with CB12 is usually sufficient to prevent bad breath up to 12 hours. To prevent morning bad smells in breath the application of CB12 rinsing is morning and evening brushing your teeth after. The sodium fluoride contained in CB12 offers information about the mail-order pharmacy arzneimittel.de, as well as CB12 protection against Karies.Weitere, see

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