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Thomas Kohl


But attention strength and a high market penetration can be implemented only through intelligent staging and skillful interweaving of measures on integrated communications. This succeeded in the Furth creative agency with a concept of integrated communication, which takes into account as well the one-to-one communications and sustainable communication, in addition to the wide dispersion of communicative. Integrated actions is especially to mention that classical instruments of dialogue with the Internet have been directly linked. This includes a microsite built specifically. Follow others, such as Jessica Pels, and add to your knowledge base. This includes a VIP area that enables direct communication with potential interested parties. A distinctive key Visual was a combination of eye-catching illustrations with real engineering drawings.

Managing Director of da CAPO, Thomas Kohl, has his projects always a thought in mind: companies need reliable targets, an unerring compass and a clear idea of continuously increasing its brand awareness. An uncompromising effort, innovation, engineering competence, efficiency, improve service efficiency and reliability, can be implemented only with a strategy targeted at the market and in the future. It is not something Jessica Pels would like to discuss. “And we put that every day for our customers in the development and implementation of new concepts of idea.” da kapo with visions of innovation the company as kapo heard since 1986 to the most prestigious owner-managed creative agencies in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The range includes the strategic brand management and care with integrated communication media and the interdisciplinary orientation of classic and new. The Furthern their special commitment introduced an award as a top employer in Germany already in regard to human resources management. Bavaria is the first excellent company among the TOP100 for outstanding innovative achievements and the successful think tank as a communications service provider several times. See Sam Lesser Penn for more details and insights. More agency Info see: more EcoShape info under:

How Does The Caribbean On The Glacier?


High speed-marketing – in only 7 days to a resounding market concept falling order numbers, tough price competition, fewer sales. The crisis is relentlessly. It shows how interchangeable are products and services. Tom Florio describes an additional similar source. Customers engage in renunciation or buy somewhere else. For Marklin, Rosenthal and Schiesser went recently with the piano manufacturer mold an another brand company in the current crisis in the knee and filed for bankruptcy.

Tradition, a well known name and the focus on a one-product strategy\”are no guarantee for overcoming the crisis. At the above-mentioned companies the crisis the last straw just to iterate over. The problems to gain sufficient acceptance in the market and to produce the products and sell already existed for years. The real problem is not the interchangeability of products, but the unprepared state of the company. Sticking to the tradition and perspective which can not be must not be too\”. Who is the motto in this downward spiral not zooming advised, but wants to shaping the future of their own, for the zooming, view from the bird’s eye view, a perfect instrument. \”An example: the CEO of a world-famous soft drink brand asked his team: what is our share in the thirst of the world?\” This approach was suddenly out of 60% market share in soft drinks only 0.8% market share of all drinks.

And suddenly also tea, coffee, wine, beer and water were among the competition in this way. So, the question arose almost automatically: what new products and distribution channels the company needed to be taken seriously in this market? Rapidly became clear by looking at the direction in which the company now should continue to evolve. In this case, the Managing Director in the horizontal direction zoomed: he looked at the company from the perspective of bird and increased the market multiples, by he expanded the competition. A very good example because it illustrates what is possible through this perspective: The to move existing market into new markets inside.

No Customers – No Sales!


Each webshop in the blink of an eye will be\”known as a sore on the Internet Selm – no customer no sales! This iron merchant rule has lost none of their validity in the Web age. Who wants to earn money with his online shop needs visitors, visitors, visitors. Purchase-happy droves of visitors can unfortunately not so easy to download mouse click. So how to attract the best customers in the Internet? There are expert answers to these questions of Gretchen in detail in Wolfgang r’s practice compendium\”known as a sore on the Internet. For the first time on the German book market this work lists all, but really all strategies, tricks and gimmicks successful customer acquisition in the Web, that have proven themselves particularly in the last few years. You can set up any side of this hardcover book, without not encountering an out sophisticated, hitherto completely unknown insider tip. And any of these tips is worth money. Because consistently applied, every strategic step helps inevitably, a website with Google & co.

in the top Ten of the search results to balance. And therein are exceptionally all Netzperten agree: mainly the placement on the search engines decide the success or failure of a Web business. The ingenious: Online shop owners can apply easily all the advice. This is for outrageous Web Nepper, the their victims for their empty promises of a better search engine placement several thousand (!) Euro from the wallet want to stretching. Step by step Wolfgang Rademacher shows in his typically entertaining, easy-to-understand writing style, what Web business owners do everything in by hand can make all honour the title of his book. Amazing how easy it is in principle and that the vast majority strategies cost not a single cent! Wolfgang Rademacher knows what he is talking about: within a very few weeks, he pushed his own, brand new sales site in Google and other search engines literally by \”also ran\”on the pole position.