To differentiate the act of an interpretation of yours (especially watching you do from who "are being") uses these tips: We define an act as something factual, you can not change, for example: "Patricia was born on 12/07/1959. In this statement we see that the date of birth is a "property" can not change the person. Whereas if you say "Patricia is an older person" … "major" is a quality attached to it that he can change and be different according to the observer that the issues, mood or emotion and mood that sits in that time to observe. Read additional details here: Moderna vaccine. In the first case (field events), we are talking about descriptions refer to properties of things, we say that we are in the context of the statements, acts or facts. In the second case (scope of interpretations), we say that we are in the framework of the explanations, opinions, beliefs or value judgments, and these are the views that we about what happened. The difference between fact and interpretation arises from the power of either language on the one hand, describing the events, and secondly, to create or change that reality according to the observations and interpretations we make of what happened. The possibility of interpreting what happened in different ways is the personal power to tell new stories or stories of the past and serve to support you to move forward. If no "unlock" this story, if you do not choose new ways to "tell" what happened, it is likely that negative story continues to block your present and preventing you from achieving what you want.