Well, of course, one of the most important characteristics in the marking of binoculars – is the multiplicity, or an increase (Magnification) and the diameter of the objective lens (Objective Lens Diametr). For example, consider a pair of binoculars nikon Action 10×50 cf, where: Nikon – producer of Action – Category Binoculars Nikon 10×50 – Increase (multiplicity) and the diameter of the objective lens cf – the central focus. Thus, the first digit in the title – the magnification. At blood test you will find additional information. It shows how many times the subject is seen in the larger field of view with binoculars than without it. In our case, the binoculars can increase the subjects 10 times. That is, if, prior to object of 100 meters, then to see him in a 10-fold binoculars you will, as though to him 10 yards. However, do not chase the high multiplicity of binoculars, because the more the increase, the narrower field of view and the more stringent condition shall be binoculars for observation, for example, using a tripod. without increasing the magnification 10x There are binoculars with variable multiplicity (zoom, zoom) for example, nikon Action 10-22×50 cf Zoom.

These binoculars have a variable magnification of the binoculars at it from 10 to 22 times that significantly closer image of the object. These binoculars are good for its versatility, but I must admit, losing the picture quality conventional binoculars. The second number on the body of the binoculars – the lens diameter lens. This is the lens diameter on the back side of the binoculars – that is, the lenses, which do not look.