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The Direction


Being thus, the work most arduous in the adaptation is of the family of the parents. Many parents create situations of dependence with the son: they are watching in the window of the classroom; they take the child in the col until the room; they load its knapsack; they are in the school per some weeks. What the parents do not know, are that when turns the coasts, its children are calmer and if they amuse in the school. For some children adaptation in the school delay a bit more to happen due the anxiety of the parents, but always they finish relaxing in definitive point it process and are very well. To read more click here: Douglas Elliman. What the parents more comment in this phase, are that they do not like and they do not admit that its children are bitten, pushed, or are ' ' agredidos' ' for other children.

My orientaes are always in the direction to understand a little more, that these other children can be passing for difficulties in accepting the frustrations that the entrance in the school still propitiates or to be passing for difficult familiar situations and changes that had left them &#039 more; ' agressivas' '. The parents do not have the information of that attitudes ' ' agressivas' ' they are part of infancy; the aggressiveness is the way more natural than they use to defend, to affirm opinions and to conquer spaces. Therefore, the teachers are guided to occupy the children during pleasant, creative, different and attractive the adaptations with techniques and activities so that child if forgets a little house and pass to give attention in the school. Also these tricks are guided to make all so that behaviors ' ' agressivos' ' if they brighten up, therefore the busy child foca more time of its attention in what she is making (painting, drawing, hearing histories, playing, etc.). What it does not want to say that such behaviors will be eliminated? this will only happen when the child to learn that other ways exist to delimit spaces, to affirm opinions and when to obtain in fact to accept losses and to deal with frustration, when this will be decided inside of it.

no matter how hard the professionals of the school are total qualified, always appears bitten and hurt, therefore, to the times, when the professional turns the head for the side, some episode can happen. With everything this, I conclude that the school of infantile education, constructs better adults: if since small the child to learn to deal with the suffering of the losses, in its adult life also goes to know to deal with frustrations of the daily one, as for example, to lose jobs, to lose corporeal properties, to finish relationships, etc. Simply it does not go to despair, to make hunger strikes, to try to finish with its life, to create depressions. The adult goes to obtain to have calm and tranquillity to accept its losses better and to search new solutions.

French Revolution


On the other hand, the clergy was who more suffered with the accusations of that it kept relations homosexuals in the monasteries, a time that monges kept this type of relation with the youngsters. The penalties for this type of activity varied to depend on the social status of the practitioner. The penalties of monges generally were lighter, but who did not have a good status was condemned the death, as burnt livings creature in the fogueira, hanged person, castrated, amongst others. (ARAJO, apud Del Priore, 2008) Adentrando the Age Modern, century XV, changes in relation to the forms of treatments with the homosexuals are not perceivable, a time that the tortures and cruelties still remained for that they opposed the law. With regard to the Age Contemporary, century XVIII, some sufficiently perceivable changes will go to occur. The sexuality human being passes to be seen as illness and the desire for the same sex passes more to be observed. In century XIX some theories had been appearing that explained the homossexualidade as illness, pathological shunting line, leaving to take advantage the concept of heterossexualidade as being an allowed and normal standard of the sexuality. In century XX, the visibility of the diverse sexual orientaes started to increase, mainly from the Sixties, when it had an increment of the tending movements to change the individual and social conceptualization of the homoafetivas relations.

These movements homosexuals had appeared in the Europe, with the intention to rethink the homosexual identity, to fight against the social preconception against homossexualidade and the recognition of its civil laws. It was in this same century, more specifically in 1960, that the movements had started to appear of form more effective, becoming the claims most audacious. At this time, the first lesbian organization was well small, therefore many women preferred not to participate of no movement, many had distrust to enter in some movement and to be discovered as homosexuals and to suffer discrimination in its social conviviality. However, with the misunderstanding of the feminine homosexuals with the masculines inside of some groups, it stimulated so that many of these homosexuals decided to make its proper group. Then from this embryo, some active groups had been formed. 2.3. sually is spot on.

The Feminism and the Lesbianism the Feminism is the social movement that defends the equality of rights between men and women in all the fields. It had origin in the year of 1848, the convention of the rights of the woman in New Iorque and on account acquires vindicative matrix of the great revolutions. The feminism appeared, mainly, in the context of the transforming ideas of the French Revolution, which had as motto Equality, Freedom and Fraternity. This idea was demanded for the feminists, because they believed that the social rights and politicians acquired from the revolutions would have to also extend they while citizens, and not only to the men. (ALAMBERT, 1986) It is accurately