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Evaluation Planning


Presentation Cases 2. Criteria Evaluation of Educative Needs 3. Global Curricular proposal 3,1 General Aspects of the Curricular Adaptation 3,2 3,3 high-priority general Capacities to affect Proposal of selection and justification of high-priority curricular Areas 4. Objectives and high-priority contents of the Curricular Adaptation Between the most positive changes in the last years in Special Education, are the one of the rejection of the labels due to the produced negative effect in the boy. It has been begun to approach special needs DES of a different perspective whose basic characteristics is that it does not concentrate in the boy but in the interaction of the boy with his surroundings and educative context.

From this one derives that no longer we are before a deficit but before special an educative necessity. The difficulties of learning of the students have an interactive character essentially, because they depend as much on the characteristics personal of the student like of the characteristics of the educative surroundings in which one develops and the educative answer that is offered to him. Presentation Cases two cases of students appear (mental delay and autismo), of 7 years of age. Case To Boy 7 years. It presents/displays stereotyped conducts, which produces problems of communication and interaction to him with its familiar and social surroundings. Recently Sam Lesser sought to clarify these questions.

Oral language with great difficulties, emits rythmical sounds from time to time. Diagnosis: Classic Autismo with slight mental delay. Young case B 7 years: Late mental Autismo weighs, diagnosed when the boy had the age of 15-16 months. It presents/displays alterations of the language, difficulties of learning. He is an affectionate boy although their difficulties have taken to be very timid and with difficulties of communication and relation to him. It is altered and one is frustrated easily when it cannot do just like the other children do, reason why its humor is little stable.

Church And Religion


In this point it is important to consider if it has developed in his life revolt attitudes, nonconformity, complaint, fight, competition or even, resentment that prevent the healthy development in the church. Although it sounds drastic, if it discovers east type of thoughts and behavior, is fundamental that apologises to God. Instruments of support Who ministerially accompanies a shepherd, worker or leader, she must become his support and fortify to him at the moments of crisis. To fight themselves with him, to controvert its instructions or to generate chaos and polarization between the believers, are harmful. It does not bring blessing, but it causes curse. Parallel to this, must have sense of respect by its superior.

Although it is certain the methods are different or not of how conceive you them, it must accept them. After all they work in a common intention: the extension of the kingdom of God. If we assumed a comprehensible attitude and from opening, we get to include/understand the thought of our superior, rejecting all rebellious attitude (Cf. 1 Pedro 5:5). And if we do not agree? It is probable that in the process to adopt instructions that do not share and, so that no, to undergo the consequences of arbitrary decisions, it has experienced downheart and the desire of not following ahead. In such cases the recommendation is to put under its loads before the Gentleman and to find force in Him (Cf.

Psalm 34:1; 1 Samuel 30:6). Since it will have been able to appreciate it, from the practical plane, the own David went to Sir before to the human strategies at the time of crisis. Even though he is against the dispositions of his leader, he teaches us to the Bible that we must keep loyalty to him to the superiors (1 Pedro 2:20). It is a form to keep the testimony. In addition, to collaborate to him taking care of the instructions that he distributes. Also, not hiding anything to him (Marks 4:22), that is abiertamente disloyalty behavior. Who takes advantage of the weaknesses his leader, aspect that attack to conclude, does not build its future ministry but it feeds the passages for the defeat in the short or medium term, since it will be contributing to division in the church, before to build it.



The cataracts are a disorder of the eye that frequently affects to less domestic animal including dogs and cats. When cataract is had, the fibers in the lens of the eye that are behind the eye get to be cloudy. The lens is generally transparent so that it allows to see clearly, acute vision. The cataract blocks the light through eye and consequently the transparency of the lens loses and affects the vision of the domestic animal. When the mature cataract, a milky point in the black pupil is visible. The danger signals by which you must be pending include the inflammation, bizqueando, running into with things or not to want to jump or to run. The small cataracts can not affect the view of their mascot absolutely whereas one more a greater cataract causes blurred vision, and take possibly to the blindness.

What causes cataracts? Although the exact cause is not known, the chemical changes within the ocular lens can contribute to the development of the cataract. Other factors such as genetic, defects congenital, infection of eye, trauma to the eye, nutritional deficiencies, exhibition to the heat or the radiation, toxins, you disorder of the eye or diabetes can also be associated to the cataracts. The cataracts tend to be but common in dogs that cats. Certain races of dogs are but susceptible like for example shepherds hunting Germans, farmers, dogs, schnauzers, Afghan and English sheepdogs. Diagnosis of cataracts His veterinarian will realise an ophthalmic examinacin and the treatment implies the surgical retirement of cataracts. This is a procedure very confused and can also be expensive, but it would obtain an improvement marked in the vision of his mascot. Aid for the cataracts with natural remedies The natural remedies have demonstrated to be beneficial for the health of the eye in human beings and animal. These remedies are safe and effective to use whereas they are quite calm for the eyes. The herbal ingredients such as Arctium lappa (Burdock), Rosmarinus offinalis (Rosemary), Chelidonium majus and Filipendula ulmaria (Meadowsweet) they support healthy eyes and the clear vision. Advice to prevent domestic animal cataracts Certain preventive measures can be taken to avoid cataracts and to protect the total health of the eye in their mascot: * It feeds his domestic animal a sensible and natural diet or that includes vegetables (carrots, curly cabbage or brcoli) rich in antioxidants * It incorporates antioxidant sources under the vitamin form and C, and the betacaroteno to protect weaves of the eye * It fits the hair around the area of the eye to avoid the irritation of the eye * It verifies the eyes of his domestic animal regularly * It avoids to exhibit his mascot to irritating such as pollen, seeds of plants, toxins, chemical agents, contamination and dust * Champ carefully protects the eye of its domestic animal when using or applying the repulsive ones of the flea * It visits his veterinarian for a visual examination annually Original author and source of the article.

Directives Tests


The professional circles of design Web, the session of usabilidad tests has become an essential component of any far-reaching project. In order to gain money in Internet of way very similar to the groups of development of mark and product launchings, the utility tests offer a rare opportunity to receive feedback of the people to the page Web that goes to – before it is too much behind schedule to do nothing on the matter. But how it can remove the maximum benefit from these sessions of usabilidad tests? 1. Election Subjects Like with any project of investigation of market, the results they will only be so good if therefore the people say to it who them test. Not test with the people of the own company, or the friendly and the family.

In order to make money in Internet you must go to a company of investigation of market or temporary agency and to ask the participants to the source of a certain profile. Asegrate of which the company of investigation of market does not provide the name of company or of any other detail that the cloud of the sentence of the participants. Additional information is available at Donald Sussman. 2. Before the Test of Usabilidad Like yet in the life, the first impressions are vitally important. Each participant must put his taste personal. It remembers, the session of usabilidad tests is often an artificial atmosphere and, more beneficial for the information and results, we want that they behave as if one was to use the site in its house or work. To provide clear instructions exceeds how to arrive at the place of the usabilidad tests, and if it is necessary to fulfill the participants in the local stations. Not to use terms like " tests of utilidad" or " investigation of market, since they can confuse and put to the people in the edge.