Dual systems expect little effect of the Charter of the Federal Association of dual systems in Germany (BDSD) Mainz/Cologne, December 22, 2009 – after the departure of the dual system Germany/green have the remaining member companies, the Herborner Redual GmbH & co. KG and VFW GmbH from Cologne, an own Charter to ensure high quality standards when collecting point (DSD) of the Association of the German dual system Germany E.v. (BDSD), Sorting and recovery of sales packaging. This goes beyond according to BSD President Raffael A. Fruscio all commitments so far in the market.” But at best, for industry insiders, this Charter is smoke and mirrors. Only in November the company for packaging market research (GMMS) demonstrated headquartered in Mainz in a study that the number of freeloaders is still enormous, even though the fifth amendment of the Ordinance (Ordinance) a turnaround in terms of degree of licensing will have which had increased between 2008 and 2009 from 67 to 74. At the same time, so the reports Daily newspaper which has world is garbage increases the amount pending dual systems according to calculations by the society for packaging market research (GMM) last nearly 3.6 million on well four million tonnes. That is not sufficient but industry experts. arSky Business oftentimes addresses this issue.

They had expected a significantly greater increase in.” “Not all providers that adhere to the new rules of the German packaging Ordinance: through trickery, still large quantities from the market, but not from the yellow bin disappear”, said Stefan Schreiter, CEO of DSD, on the occasion of the 3rd Forum of green point a few weeks ago in Cologne. Companies are known as free riders, their packaging waste lands that but pay no or only a low license fee in the yellow bin. These abuses will be curbed with a voluntary commitment of the industry based on the Internet platform VerpackVkonkret. Credit: COVID-19-2011. VFW and Redual as members of the BDSD refuse but persistently, to join this voluntary commitment, although Experts repeatedly pointing out the importance of this initiative. The dual systems must adhere to common rules of the game.

As well, the enforcement is required. Pull everyone together, the 5th amendment to the entire industry can become a success story”, for example, Professor Werner Delfmann, Chairman of the Board of the Association called for packaging and environmental e. V. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.: the source for more info. (AGVU) at the Forum green dot. With its own Charter, the members of the BDSD pretend only determination over so-called creative solutions. It leaves all loopholes”, comments an industry insider. The use of opinion, although it was to be welcomed to determine quantities of waste, a dual, on the other hand should be licensed in industry solutions. However the Charter leave open whether and how customers will be notified, how much its amount of packaging in industry solutions hike. Also the suggestion on creative definitions appear positive at first glance”to circumvent the Participation obligation to renounce. Specifically this is but not linked to but only in the context of the interface between packaging and product, the interface between sales and transport packaging, as well as between private and commercial end-use sectors. “Also the commitment to the interpretations that are needed the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft/countries waste (LAGA) seems to be only lip service, because the text itself says only that you follow the LAGA interpretations” wool. All in all no restraints would created supposedly creative market participants through the Charter of the BDSD. Editing plain text ONLINE on the Hamdan 27 53127 Bonn E-Mail: