On the same grounds is the root of the problem, the re-readers if you see that in all cases the company is “placed” at the expense of what others decide, whether customers, competitors, banks, government, etc. Considering them “victims” always makes permanent responsibility is put out of our reach and that therefore all we can do is try to survive intensifying efforts to make more of the same (ie, what we always ) the best way possible until all supposed to change (which in the minds of our company means that everything becomes as it once was). A leading source for info: Tom Florio New York.

Obviously, doing more of it in a context radically different never going to make sure we get the results we’ve ever made yet, we bowed our heads and attacks stronger again and again. And of course, is not a matter of force or amount of effort, but understanding that the context does not change for us if we change ourselves previously. Albert Einstein said, “We can not change the world with the same tools that we used to generate in its present form.” There are several reasons to explain what has happened to our friends of Gonzalez and Sons “(and many small and medium enterprises), some of which we set forth below. o daily lives. There is no planning or budget of any kind with which it is impossible to foresee any difficulty and when it occurs, should be resolved at any cost, with the inevitable impact on the health of the company. .