We are simply here for us to work with courage, tenacity and determination to fulfill the divine purpose; be happy all the days of our life. I want to share with you some principles which I have put them into practice in my daily life and have given me positive results and wish you to do the same thing: take care of your mind; take care of your body: the Chief, executive director, administrator Unfortunately it tends to not feed your body properly; because not eating to their proper hours, eat too fast, does not take sufficient pure water, leads a life too sedentary, lives a life with high levels of stress, and unfortunately these are links that diseases need to activate in a mind, to be embellished in a body. Many executives and entrepreneurs are those who have economic stability to nourish your body and your mind with a balanced nutrition; but by not properly control their time do not; and the only thing that give the body is food which will only destroy them cruelly in the course of the episode called life. It is scientifically proven that products such as meat, refined sugar, drinks with preservatives, carbohydrates, when consumed in excess cause destruction of unlimited amounts of cells; putting the immune system at a weak point; Unable to counteract pathogenic carriers of diseases. Cancer Research is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A few years ago in the Foundation we hire a team scientists led by Dr. HELLEN Greenblatt a recognized scientific Immunology specialist to help us with an investigation with which we wanted to determine the influence of fitness to maintain a good emotional state and I was very surprised the fact when they showed us the results of evaluations made in 500 executives from several companies. All were supernatural efforts to keep acceptable emotional States to be able to perform their duties; but when they arrived home in the evening, 82% of them fell in attacks of anger, of anger, of shouting, because 97% of them had an immune system far below acceptable conditions; but their eating habits justified these facts because they not lunched, not consuming pure water, did not exercise, and of course not sleeping well. .