Alternatives to dust catchers and ties who knows it not again the birthday of your best friend / best friend, aunt from Dresden or the beloved brother, who studied in Cologne, is pending. And again it turns everything to the question what gives? What pleased the birthday child? And what is not again useless in the Cabinet, such as the flower vase last year? How about it turns with a gift that is fun, not in oblivion and enables time together? Whether Berlin connoisseur or first-time visitors a guided bicycle tour through Berlin offers for everyone the right. Free Berlin tours is the perfect partner for individual city tours by bike. Oncology does not necessarily agree. In addition to a classical tour, where you meet all important and famous attractions in overview, there is also the arm but sexy “-tour, she shows the alternate corners of the city.” As well, you could tour for an instructive Berlin wall”decide especially suitable for all, the sign up for the early Interested in history of the capital city. The possibilities are many and extra wishes are always implemented. And one set every Berlin is something else will learn during these tours, because the guides are teacher prototypes, but boast spectacular background knowledge, fun and interesting anecdotes, and own experiences. And while driving or at the small breaks is also still have time for a little chat with the recipient! Antje herring