Thanks to a former practitioner of Lucerne. Therapists, health food stores, doctors, small, medium – and large businesses that pay attention to the health of their employees, and households and schools are enthusiastic. A large portion of consumers notes to track the original vitality of the water. \”Especially children notice the difference and ask often if there is any more, or else water: Mommy, when I drink again the fine water?\” Since May 2000, the levitierte water is LEVISTA-N and LEVISTA + 02 is now produced in the only mineral source of Central Switzerland. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dean Ornish M.D has to say. Over seven years after the first bottle stuffed down is the developer, Acqua salute GmbH from San Vittore GR, and her team to Sibylle and Jivan M.

m Sanchez is very pleased that this re-launch become successful is because the water quality is much more important for health than the diet of solid food and food. \”After intensive work in his practice as a therapist, Jivan M. Stadelmann had with his information on acid-base balance and dehydration (drying) for the many basic causes of chronic diseases\” should be, created an awareness of its clients, so that from the beginning the demand was gone water after a Levitierten, before the product was ever finished. \”\” Central Switzerland is just a ruudig \”loyal customers\”, says indeed Jivan M. m Sanchez. He has a strong identification with everything good that comes out of the area. At the same time but also a great affinity to the place of business of Acqua salute GmbH, located in the Friul Misox on Ticino page is made up.\” Widespread next directly from cars initially we gave sample bottles directly from practice rooms.